Being Adult Is…

Being adult is knowing when it’s time to go home and sleep, not because mom says so, but for the sake of embracing new day. If i start to sleep after 10 p.m., I will wake up late which cause rush for my day. Or I will wake up on time but not feeling much refreshed which can decrease my performance for the day.


Well, that may explains why i don’t go out often on weekday nights anymore, even Friday night haha except for some important meetings with friends (which is a rare event considering most of my friends are already left Bandung, and my workmate, well, we meet everyday) and my dear E, of course.


I think most of my energy is spent at work nowadays haha. Yeah, work is not like college, cannot go to cafe or mall when bored at midday or afternoon. At least, i don’t have any work tasks on weekend and no exam :p Even, I don’t really like going on weekends since places will be very full of people and traffic jam haha. If i need to go on weekends, i will choose to go as early as possible. Early birds get the worms~

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