Today I Made


Finally a new post!

Hi All, it’s been a long time. Phew~

I tried to blog from WordPress mobile app, sadly, the images were often failed to upload (i don’t know why)

Anyway, I do have some stories to share and finally some motivations to live up this blog again (yeay!)

Truth is the last 2 months were not the easiest time. Life has its ups & downs, after all. I was sad, cried (had meltdown) easily, a bit lost. However, I’m currently progressing toward the better me. I decide to just do what makes me happy: live by my own rules :)) LOL


Maybe I should write down my rules until I have rules like Gibbs’ (NCIS) :p

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One Year Later…

It’s been a year and some weeks after my graduation. It’s almost one year working full-time at my current office. It’s almost the new year again.

I thought life with no mid-test, no homework, no programming tasks, no 7 a.m. class¬†will be easier. No, it was not since there are more challenges, of course. Even so, it’s more fun and enjoyable than before. I learned a lot, most of it is about life, real life (i’m so irresponsible during my college life hehe).

I still need to manage my life well. I still need to thrive on my targets and do more things that bring happiness. ūüôā


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Time & Energy

“Please write something so this domain won’t be useless” ¬†– note to myself.

HAHA. What should I write?


Actually, there’re many things going on in my mind, but I don’t know how to write them. Like this morning, how I envy my brother who has done something for years which is playing games. I envy his consistency. What things that I have done for more than 5 or maybe 3 years? hmm… sadly, it’s hard to answer that question ūüôĀ Well, this blogging thing is one thing that I enjoy for a long time (more than 5 years) but now my post number is decreasing each month. And swimming also an activity that I enjoy for years. But again, I do not do those two things as often as before because I have work etc etc.


Sigh! I know that’s such an excuse! this all because I do not manage my time and energy well. This week, I planned to go swimming today, but yeah since I just arrived from Bekasi yesterday morning and then I felt so tired and I woke up late and I still had things to do and that’s how I canceled my swimming plan ūüôĀ


I hope I have more time and energy to do things I love (Wow this remind me with the “2016 Annual Letter” on Bill Gates’ blog ). I also do hope I¬†have more things that I’d love to do for the next 5, 10 years and so on.

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Achievement Unlocked: Angkot (Public Transportation) Money

Welcome new month! Welcome new cycle of personal finance! Haha

Ok, so, hearing the word “finance” may¬†feel like a¬†burden for most people in age of 20-ish, especially to those who already live on their own, live from their salary (bye-bye pocket money!) like me. What i found from living from my own salary¬†is personal finance is not easy. Sometimes, I¬†don’t save any. Sometimes, I shop or eat out too much, haha.¬†“It’s ok, i’m just started living on my own, i still¬†made mistakes and learned my lessons” I said to myself. However i spend my money, i must write it down. From the notes, i can be less guilty spending¬†the money, “At least, i know where the money goes”. I know how much worse my spending could be if i didn’t write it down.


New month, new goal of personal finance.

My July Goal is to pay for Angkot (public transportation) in the fixed price. The background of this goal is, sometimes i need to pay¬†Rp5.000, while the actual costs is Rp4.000 (based on my experience riding Angkot)¬†and do not get any changes. So, i decided to go to the bank and exchange Rp200.000 (2 sheets of Rp100.000) for¬†100 sheets of Rp2.000. And it’s work! I can pay with the fixed price! I can control my transport money!


I know this is¬†just a baby step. But,¬†money matters (we need to appreciate money by not spending it unwisely) and i don’t have money tree on my backyard. i’m happy this¬†milestone in my long journey in personal finance ūüėÄ


See you later!

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Social Media.. Hmm?

I personally think that social media is not as fun/interesting as it used to be. I don’t know why. Maybe because some of my friends are not using it any more? There’re less interactions with my friends there than before. We are really becoming adults, aren’t we? Hahaha

Due to that, I don’t think i’ll check up on my social media often and will be more into writing blogs. To all my friends who read this, let’s write blog, too, so I can read your meaningful stories (or random stories is okay haha) rather than stare at social media (which is not interested anymore for me) hahaha
See you on the next post! Have a good weekend! ?

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Masak Untuk Sahur

Kemajuan bulan puasa tahun ini adalah berhasil masak untuk sahur. Tahun sebelumnya cukup mengandalkan sereal dan susu, makanan yang bisa siap dalam waktu 5 menit haha. Tahun ini seringnya malah masak (apakah ini ciri-ciri kehidupan orang dewasa? ?), entah itu goreng frozen food atau manasin makanan. Padahal kalau mau masak mesti bangun lebih awal, masaknya sendiri bisa 20-30 menitan (bahan-bahan bisa disiapin di malam sebelumnya haha). Sekaliali makan pakai sereal atau granola, biasanya kalau lagi ngantuk banget buat bangun sahur haha. Btw, kalau buat saya granola + susu kurang pas buat sahur karena harus dikunyah. Rasanya lebih enak dari sereal sih, tapi kalau buat dimakan pas ngantuk lebih cepet beres makan sereal haha effort ngunyahnya ga terlalu besar ?
Sekian random post dari saya. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung ?

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After Work

Hi guys, how’s your day?

Mine? I have a nice day, Alhamdulillah. My mood feels light. I just had bath and exfoliated my skin with recently bought wash off mask (it’s like strawberry jam btw). I arrived at kostan before Maghrib, prayed Isya & Taraweh before 8 p.m. I had an easy-but-tasty dinner and watched modern family. Well, i must learn the recipe from my mom! Haha

Here’s pic of the food haha #iamasian

Ok that’s all. Yes, another random post. I just want to write it down so someday when i need to light up my mood, i can read this ? and because i am waiting my mask to be able to washed off ?

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Being Adult Is…

Being adult is knowing when it’s time to go home and sleep, not because mom says so, but for the sake of embracing new day. If i start to sleep after 10 p.m., I will wake up late which cause rush for my day. Or I will wake up on time but not feeling much refreshed which can decrease my performance for the day.


Well, that may explains why i don’t go out often on weekday nights anymore, even Friday night haha except for some important meetings with friends (which is a rare event considering most of my friends are already left Bandung, and my workmate, well, we meet everyday) and my dear E, of course.


I think most of my energy is spent at work nowadays haha. Yeah, work is not like college, cannot go to cafe or mall when bored at midday or afternoon. At least, i don’t have any work tasks on weekend and no exam :p Even, I don’t really like going on weekends since places will be very full of people and traffic jam haha. If i need to go on weekends, i will choose to go as early as possible. Early birds get the worms~

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