Foods & The City: Mom’s Bakery & Madam Potato

“White tall building in Bandung and the greeneries~” 

Mom’s Bakery

If you go to Bandung and looking for food that’s guilt-free, very tasty, and healthy you should try Mom’s Bakery ( Besides the delicious cake, pastry, bread, they also serve salads, omelet, sandwiches, smoothie bowls.

My favorite is the sandwich. The concept here is we can choose what bread, fillings, and sauces we want. In the sandwich picture above, I choose croissant for the bread, smoked beef for the protein, and homemade barbeque sauce. For a smoked beef sandwich, it costs me Rp45.000. They also have vegetarian options for the sandwich (falafel sandwich, tempeh/tofu sandwich)  

Recommendation time to visit: In the morning around 8-9 AM. Why? Because at this time you can smell the bread being baked…. and it’s soooooo goooood! Isn’t it delightful having a nice breakfast accompanied with the smell of bread being baked? 🙂

Madam Potato

I bought this potato snack because I like french fries and it has cheese sauce (and seaweed sauce). It cost me Rp30.000 for a portion. A unique thing about this potato snack is it’s very long, probably 25-30 cm each. The portion is quite large, probably for 2 or 3 people. Crispy outside, soft inside. Taste good and worth the price. 

I think that’s all for now, see you in the next post!

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Daging Sapi Asap: Se’i Lamalera Bandung

Kemarin saya ngga bawa bekal makan siang. Jadilah delivery daging sapi asap ini lewat go-food. Tau daging asap ini dari temen kantor yang saat itu delivery ini juga terus saya dan Nimas cicip daging sapi punya temen saya. Enaaak ?

Daging sapi asap. Maafkan sendok tupperware yang kurang selaras dengan lainnya haha

Selain daging sapi, ada ayam asap dan lidah asap juga~ setiap pembelian daging asap bakal dapet sayuran dan kuah kaldu daging (?) Kuah kaldu dan sayurannya juga enak. Harga yang daging sapi asap Rp25.000 (belum termasuk nasi Rp5.000 )

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Monday Delicate Eating: Siomay at Kemang Pratama

Siomay at “Bubur Ayam Jakarta” Kemang Pratama, Bekasi.

This morning, my mom, my brother, and I ate breakfast in Kemang Pratama. Each of us ordered breakfast menu (like porridge, soto, uduk rice) and side dishes: Siomay and Lumpia. The siomay here is one of my favorites. It tastes good and not so pricey for that quality (IDR 20.000 for 4 pieces). So happy ? Somehow I wish that I could eat this tasty side dish once in a week ???

Tasty & Happy, Alhamdulillah~ ??

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