Comic: It’s Forensic, My Dear

Disclaimer: no, it’s not about the class i took last semester ūüėõ

I was on my break time at studio, i browsed some online comics, then i stumbled on this one: “It’s Forensic, My Dear”. At first, i thought that it was some scary or thriller comic, but then i realized it was in “Daily Life” category, so it should be okay and not so scary.

forensic my dear

Original page:

I liked and laughed at this comic and had finished reading all chapters available. I even imagined if I had that kind of mother-daughter relationship in the future hahaha

Another post about mother-daughter: Current Favorite: SoDa Siblings’ House


Thank you for reading ūüôā

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Be Tough, Ladies!

I think that women should be tough.

I said to some of my girl friends that you can have a crush, a feeling toward a man or fall in love with him, but don’t let that feeling or even him to mess up with your world.

I believe that women have a power to control, to protect her own life. Be the nice flower which is not easy to destroy. It’s in our hand, whether we let people messed up with our life ot not.

Again, one of my favorite quotes from Gossip Girl.

“It takes more than even you to destroy Blair Waldorf.”

See you on the next post and thank you for reading.


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First Time For Everything

There will always be the first time for everything.

These 2 weeks, I¬†finally¬†had some¬†experiences in¬†a whole new things.¬†Most of them includes¬†meeting new people.¬†As an introvert, it’s kind of hard for me to meet or gather with many strangers. But then, I¬†was in some situation where I had to¬†discuss things or work with people I¬†had not¬†knew before. Moreover the people are much older than me!¬†I was so afraid to start the conversation. At those situations, i still couldn’t talk much, but i learned to¬†interact with new¬†people. I also made some thoughts in my head so i will be more brave when i meet new people:¬†we’re all human and talking to other humans won’t cause any harm.

If it was not because of those events, I would not have remembered when is the last time I do things for first time.

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