New Logo For Myself


This logo will be used for my personal branding.

I just finished this logo at 12:00 a.m. (more or less) which means I spent about 3 hours on digitizing the logo from sketch i made. Phew ????

But i was so happy! I felt like being in my rabbit hole while creating the logo ????????????

To see how i made it, you can visit my online portfolio

Ok, thank you for reading. Have a good day ????????????

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Design Daily #1: Ice Cream With Sprinkles

Elgin: “That’s where I really failed your mom,” he said. “She was an artist who had stopped creating… “

The words above are quoted from Where’d You Go Bernadette novel.

I’m not calling myself an artist, but somehow i can feel what Bernadette feel when she didn’t create something. And, since i’m almost near my holiday, i plan to have this daily project of making some design, doing some coding, and more.

When i finally create something like this graphic design, this kind of activity give me happiness, for myself at least. Hope my designs bring happiness to your day, too! 😀
ice cream cone_by arum-01

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