Madiun – Dec 2018

Just several photos from my trip to Madiun this month. Wish I could stay longer haha

The Family

Before akad~

Sisters πŸ’ž

Happy wedding mas Adi & mba Sari 😁

At Grandpa’s House

Flowers in front of my grandpa’s house. Anyone know what’s its name?


Nasi Pecel. My must-have while here *nomnomnom

#sorryfornotsogoodphoto #justhavetopostit

The Double Decker Bus

How we went to Madiun: double-decker bus!

It’s indeed an interesting experience! The bus was comfy. I could sleep well haha. The cost for one person is Rp325.000 if I’m not mistaken. And the most important thing was I could charge my phone in bus haha #noworryforbattery

I traveled from Bekasi around 3 p.m. and arrived in Magetan (my grandpa’s village) at 6 a.m. the day after.

The height compared to the Mixer car…

See you on the next post! πŸ˜†

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Monday Travel After A Long Weekend

Some things are predictable.

Like this Monday morning, all travel providers (to Bandung) in my city for morning travel are most likely to be full-booked. Long weekend, more people go home. Tickets are selling fast. With that prediction, we need to book our seat earlier than usual or we won’t get a seat in a desirable schedule. 
If you know you need to go to Bandung from my city, Bekasi, for work and arrive there before 10 a.m., then travel schedule after 6 a.m. won’t work. Knowing that, I can book a seat in last Monday when other people have not made their booking yet.

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Finally Packed!

Yay! I finally finished packing my clothes and stuffs for mudik (going to hometown tradition). I did it after work, well, I chose the clothes this morning, put them on my bed and left for work πŸ˜‚ i put, arranged them in my travel bag after i went home from work haha. So quick for my standard. Maybe because i had learn from the past what not to bring, what i won’t use, etc so that i bring less stuffs than the previous year. Here’s my bags for mudik

These are my stuffs for umm… 10 days of mudik haha

Most of my co-workers take leave for Idul Fitri Holiday from 23rd or Friday this week, but i start earlier so that my family and i won’t get traffic jam. 

Today i was so sleepy at work. I slept at half past twelve, woke up at 6 and slept again until 7.30-ish, got ready, chose my clothes. So sleepy but cannot sleep 😴😴😴 and now i’m on my way to Bekasi, i’ll sleep after i post this. Yeah.

So happy that the holiday has arrived! 
Have a nice day, readers! 😁

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Anak TK Request ke Radio

Pemandangan dari tempat duduk, travelnya pakai tinted window.
Denger radio di mobil travel. Yang request anak TK B. Yang di-request “Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed”. Lalu lagunya diputar. 😱

Requestnya lewat telepon, btw.
Zaman TK dulu saya ngapain ya 😐
Have a nice day, readers and don’t forget to embrace the day πŸ’

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