Romance Is A Bonus Book (Netflix)

March is a special month for me, so I must give this month a post haha (probably later i’ll tell where have i been)

Romance Is A Bonus Book is a series I just finished and really like it!! 😍😍

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My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Reasons to watch this series:

  1. It’s rom-com (romatic comedy) series. The kind that make me smile (hint hint @Ka Emil) and sometimes crying, too.
  2. The setting is a publishing company, the characters also love to read books. If you like reading, I suggest to watch this!! I think a series with book theme is rare 😊
  3. The publishing office is so lovely… It’s like modern library and seems cozy.
  4. Lee Jong-suk’s sweet smiles!! Well, basically, Lee Jong-suk.
  5. Eun-Ho’s house is pretty ❤

Rom-com, books, charming characters… What’s not to love 😊

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