Things We Don’t Know

“I believe the best managers acknowledge and make room for what they don’t know — not just because humility is virtue but because until one adopts that mindset, the most striking breakthrough cannot occur. I believe that managers must loosen control, not tighten them. … Moreover, successful leaders embrace the reality that their models maybe wrong or incomplete. Only when we admit what we don’t know can we ever hope to learn it ”

Creativity, Inc – Ed Catmull

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What makes Pixar special is that we acknowledge we will always have problems, many them hidden from our view; that we work hard to uncover these problems, even if doing so means making ourselves uncomfortable; and that, when we come across a problem, we marshall all of our energies to solve it.

Creativity, Inc – Ed Catmull (pg. x)

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Step Up Your Game

Elon described his staff this way: “If you’re at Tesla, you’re choosing to be at the equivalent of Special Forces. There’s the regular army, and that’s fine, but if you are working at Tesla, you’re choosing to step up your game.”

Zero to One – Peter Thiel, pg. 168

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They Never Gave Up

“All the most successful people have many differences, but they only have one thing in common. They never gave up. The ones who gave up you don’t see. You only see the ones who never gave up. So as long as you never give up, no matter what, you’ll be fine.”

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi


I actually forgot where i read this post, maybe not facebook, maybe medium, but this has been in my draft since a month ago or so..

I will post this draft anyway since I train myself to write everyday again. This is my 14th post which means I need 3 more posts to keep up with my daily post’s target.


Thank you for reading,

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But we do think that you can live a more powerful life when you dedicate some of your time and energy to something much larger than yourself. Find an issue you’re passionate about and learn more.


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