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“I will do the best I can with this life, to be of use.”

– Angelina Jolie



Peter Dinklage worked behind a desk for years before he started acting. In his now classic 2012 commencement speech, the Game of Thrones star begs graduates not to make the same mistake. “Don’t…


“Don’t bother telling the world that you are ready. show it. do it”

– Peter Dinklage on life after graduation

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Quotes of The Day

1. Be kind.

2. “What would you do if you’re not afraid” – Sheryl Sandberg

I’ve heard these quotes some time ago, but i often forget to apply it in life. So, I made a reminder for myself by posting this. ????

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Explanations can do a few important things, based on the research cited in Grant’s book.

Another study of American architects found that parents of the most creative architects disciplined their kids by outlining their standards of conduct and explaining their reasoning behind these principles — and encouraging their kids to come up with their own values.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.co.id/how-to-raise-highly-creative-kids-2016-2/

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The Chances Not Taken

What about fear? Originals feel fear, too. They’re afraid of failing, but what sets them apart from the rest of us is that they’re even more afraid of failing to try. They know you can fail by starting a business that goes bankrupt or by failing to start a business at all. They know that in the long run, our biggest regrets are not our actions but our inactions. The things we wish we could redo, if you look at the science, are the chances not taken.

Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/adam_grant_the_surprising_habits_of_original_thinkers/transcript?language=en

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