Some Pink Fruit

I played with Photoshop brushes today to make this pink fruit. At start, I thought of drawing peach fruit… I worked with some brushes. I don’t remember all of them, only some pastel brush (I might not be able to recreate it later 😂) When it’s done, I didn’t know if it’s looked like a peach.. LOL.

Whatever~ I like the process and its result haha. Playing with colours and brushes made me happy


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This Week Goodness: Yoforia & Cilok

Yoforia Yoghurt Drink rasa Peach Delight. Beli di Borma Dago tadi pagi. Harganya Rp7.700 saja (isi 200 ml). Ini rasanya enak & segar 😋😋😋

Homemade Cilok. Cilok buatan ibu, pakai bumbu kacang. Enak dan terjamin bahan-bahannya 😋😋😋 wkwk. Pas banget lagi pengen makan cilok minggu ini.


To be continued.. 😋

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