A Pink Tote Bag At Kimso

I finally went out today at half past one, it was not so hot, there were some clouds​, so i decided to go. First destination was the traditional market. I bought unsalted butter, colorful sprinkle, and plastic cup (the small one for choco ball). But i forgot to buy the oranges. But it’s ok i could buy it in the supermarket later (yes, i went to supermarket to buy certain things such as thick yoghurt and tortillas). 

I also went to BIP (a mall, just in case some of you aren’t Bandung citizen hehe). I went to visit Kimso, a korean shop. It sells cute things from korea like cute mirror, clock, purses, bags, pillows, storage boxes, umbrellas, etc). Then I bought a tote bag, after listed all the reasons in my head why i need to buy the bag, like:

  1. It’s rather cheap
  2. It has my color. Yes, i bought the pink one
  3. It’s from thick material 
  4. I can use it to bring my swimming stuffs (the suit, googgle, bath stuff) since my old tote bag is already in bad condition
  5. It has zipper! Yeah,  I don’t know how people can feel safe with their no-zipper-tote-bag 😐
  6. It’s hard to find such bag with all the above qualifications. LOL.

Well, the list was to prevent impulsive buying. Anyway, they have other colors, too, there’re yellow, grey, and sky blue. Here’s the picture

The picture on the bag is acceptable for me. But, if you don’t like the picture on the bag you can use the back side, it’s plain haha. I’m looking for it’s functionality after all 😳

And now it’s raining again~ See you later, fellas, i need to make food for dinner, thank you for reading my random post 😳

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