Weekend: Fruit & Veg

Productive weekend so far.. I went to traditional market with mom to buy some fruits & vegs. So happy because in this tradional market near my house they have many fruits & vegs that I like such as cherry tomato (IDR 20k/kg), lemonades (IDR 10k each), oranges to make orange juice (a.k.a jeruk peras hahaha IDR 14-17k/kg). I wonder why I cannot found them in Simpang Traditional Market in Bandung 😔

These months also the season for grapes and strawberries I think. Because they are very cheap!!! Grapes only IDR 40k/kg. Both are my favorite fruits 😋😋😋
Whoaa me talking about fruits & vegs price and traditional market! One year before these topics were almost never cross my mind. Such a change haha 
Other productive activities that I did today:

  1. Learned new recipe from my cousin who cooked at my house today
  2. Did accounting for my money
  3. Made this blog post

Things I am expecting today:

  1. Tonight’s episode of Age of Youth 2 (or Hello, My Twenties 2)
  2. Go to swimming pool in the afternoon maybe, if I’m not sleepy. Just a day when the family is gathered and there’re so many food and I feel so full right now

The food that my cousin made feat. orange juice.

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What I Did On This Quick Holiday

  1.  be with all members of family
  2.  eat batagor riri
  3.  eat mango from our tree
  4.  watch the catch eps 8 & 9 😍
  5.  read comics
  6.  eat banana chips
  7.  go to traditional market with mom
  8.  buy lot of veggies!! i think i don’t need to eat out for one week with these many food supplies from mom 💞. Not getting pocket money anymore, but with these supplies i can save one week of food budget 😉😉
  9.  try my new veil and feel good about it. I’m gonna buy some like this again! (Well, i’m just a girl 😌)
  10.  eat sate maranggi & gorengan
  11.  eat ekkado or “egg money bag” (it’s written on the pack)
  12.  watch vlogs
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