New Year’s Holiday

Day 1 & 2: Arrived in Jakarta

Bought Beard Papa’s. My favorite is eclair puff with vanilla filling 😋

Obviously it becomes one of my comfort foods!

Trees and tall buildings…

Day 3: Arrived at Home

Colorful plants by my mom. I hope I could grow some lettuce or kale by myself this year haha , please open in Bandung! 😋

Soto Seger Boyolali for breakfast, near home.

Quality time with lil bro. Sorry for the blurry picture :p

My mom, lil bro, and I made baked mac n cheese.

unbaked version:

baked version:

The Sims 4: Yeay!!!

Being introvert is easy. LOL.

Day 4: New Year’s Day

Family dining out. Alhamdulillah all of us could gather on that day. Also alhamdulillah for Sate Maranggi H. Yetti Cibungur being open on new year’s day. FYI, they are only closed in Idul Fitri day and open since 8 a.m. (info from their whatsapp business, you can get the number from their instagram here :  )

Besides the satay, I would like to recommend their fritters (a.k.a gorengan). I think you should order each of the fritters because they are so tasty especially with their chili sauce!

The fritters and sauce deserve a picture 😋

This short holiday is full of tasty meals. Alhamdulillah 

Taylor Swift Reputation Tour

Another highlight from this holiday is Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour in Netflix !! 

“Please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere” – New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift


Now that it’s January already, I can recover from the family and social events in December #introvertbatteryislow.

See you on the next post! 

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Today’s Meal: Broccoli with Creamy Cheese Sauce 🍴

Broccoli with cheese sauce and ground meat. And mashed potato.

Very easy & tasty (it has cheese!) Healthy veggie, use no oil nor Royco💃 Plus, it’s a match with mashed potato (that can be prepared earlier and saved in fridge #mealprep)

In case you’re wondering, I used the triplets broccoli for this meal (2 portion) haha

And i just get back from grocery store which is Borma Dago Bandung and found these Chitato “Fried Crab Golden Egg Yolk” and Chitato “Mango Sticky Rice.

They cost Rp7.300. There should be the Beef Rendang flavor as well. I think the Chitato beef rendang flavor was sold out because there’s only the pricetag 😞. Most likely will buy the “Beef Rendang” flavor if it’s available, I heard the review is good LOL.

And no, I did not buy the two flavors available. So, I cannot give any review. Instead, I stick to my safe option: Lays, which I currently eat while typing this #multitasking 💻

Thursday Meal: Fried Noodle

I forgot to post it yesterday, so today would do. LOL.

Review: Edible. 🍴🍜

Has better presentation than earlier verson. LOL. #noroycoadded 😎

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Weekend: Fruit & Veg

Productive weekend so far.. I went to traditional market with mom to buy some fruits & vegs. So happy because in this tradional market near my house they have many fruits & vegs that I like such as cherry tomato (IDR 20k/kg), lemonades (IDR 10k each), oranges to make orange juice (a.k.a jeruk peras hahaha IDR 14-17k/kg). I wonder why I cannot found them in Simpang Traditional Market in Bandung 😔

These months also the season for grapes and strawberries I think. Because they are very cheap!!! Grapes only IDR 40k/kg. Both are my favorite fruits 😋😋😋
Whoaa me talking about fruits & vegs price and traditional market! One year before these topics were almost never cross my mind. Such a change haha 
Other productive activities that I did today:

  1. Learned new recipe from my cousin who cooked at my house today
  2. Did accounting for my money
  3. Made this blog post

Things I am expecting today:

  1. Tonight’s episode of Age of Youth 2 (or Hello, My Twenties 2)
  2. Go to swimming pool in the afternoon maybe, if I’m not sleepy. Just a day when the family is gathered and there’re so many food and I feel so full right now

The food that my cousin made feat. orange juice.

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Masak Untuk Sahur

Kemajuan bulan puasa tahun ini adalah berhasil masak untuk sahur. Tahun sebelumnya cukup mengandalkan sereal dan susu, makanan yang bisa siap dalam waktu 5 menit haha. Tahun ini seringnya malah masak (apakah ini ciri-ciri kehidupan orang dewasa? 😂), entah itu goreng frozen food atau manasin makanan. Padahal kalau mau masak mesti bangun lebih awal, masaknya sendiri bisa 20-30 menitan (bahan-bahan bisa disiapin di malam sebelumnya haha). Sekaliali makan pakai sereal atau granola, biasanya kalau lagi ngantuk banget buat bangun sahur haha. Btw, kalau buat saya granola + susu kurang pas buat sahur karena harus dikunyah. Rasanya lebih enak dari sereal sih, tapi kalau buat dimakan pas ngantuk lebih cepet beres makan sereal haha effort ngunyahnya ga terlalu besar 😁
Sekian random post dari saya. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung 😆

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