Stay At Home Activity: Painting

I tried painting and making clay for the sake of trying new things, crafty crafty, which were fun. Doing these activities was a good distraction from my phone (instagram scrolling, duh 🙄)

My favorite part of this activity was mixing color. It’s wonderful to see new pretty colors as result of 3 basic colors mixing/combination 🤩 This time I use: fuchsia-red, white, and lemon yellow.

Shades of red, pink, orange
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Color Palette: Pink

Hello all,

If you have known me enough or seen me almost everyday, you might have realized that i often wear something pink, almost nude pink scarf, pink wallet or pouch haha. Other than pink, you can find me wearing soft color like very light gray or light cream 😝 I rarely wear blue (except for jeans) and any vibrant colors 😜 except purple color, i just like it 💞

Why pink? I think, Pink makes people who see it feel happy 😆 

Below are some of my pink things, not including the pink cutting board, pink bowl, pink mug, pink glasses, pink tupperware, pink rabbit for my phone standing, pink inspirational board, this list could go on and on HAHAHAHAHA

Some of these pink things in the photo, i bought it impulsively just because i like the color or i heard the sound of my heart telling me “this thing is soo me!” 😝 Well, I learn to not buy things that are not meet almost 100% of my likeness haha (exclude things that i need ya) so when i bought impulsively like the pink scarves, i felt its worth it!!! In fact, i’m gonna wear it tonight 😌
Haha thank you all for reading my random mumbling 😏

What a lazy Sunday~ 
Have a nice day, people 💐

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The color is very very pretty (red to purple) and very tasty ????????????????

Now, besides strawberry, i wish to grow grapes in my future house’s garden ????????????

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