Lunch Box

Simple Gado-Gado

Green lettuce, boiled egg, tomato, bitternut cracker (or emping, not in photo) with gado-gado sauce (also not in photo). I got the sauce from my mom since I had not learned to make it yet haha. The colors are so fresh, right?

Boiled egg. This was my second attempt on making boiled egg and the result was good, at least it’s not undercooked 🙂

Now that I realized… I should have noted the method I use to boil the egg otherwise I need to search the internet again… #justremembernow

Fruits: 🍓 & 🍊

Strawberries are looked like candies, isn’t it?

Look at the center of the orange! It’s like a small flower! Very nice! 🍊

btw, this kind of orange has only a few of seeds

See you on the next post 🙂

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New Template, Yay!


Yay! I’m happy with this template since it’s nice & simple and has a gold accent (the pink is my idea since my header has pink background haha). This also looks cleaner than the previous template hehe 😀

I hope this new template makes reading experience better 😀

See you on the next post!

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New Header

This header change is unplanned hehe. I was bored at the time then I decided to play with photoshop brushes. Found some good brushes and tried to make something. And here it is




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Time & Energy

“Please write something so this domain won’t be useless”  – note to myself.

HAHA. What should I write?


Actually, there’re many things going on in my mind, but I don’t know how to write them. Like this morning, how I envy my brother who has done something for years which is playing games. I envy his consistency. What things that I have done for more than 5 or maybe 3 years? hmm… sadly, it’s hard to answer that question 🙁 Well, this blogging thing is one thing that I enjoy for a long time (more than 5 years) but now my post number is decreasing each month. And swimming also an activity that I enjoy for years. But again, I do not do those two things as often as before because I have work etc etc.


Sigh! I know that’s such an excuse! this all because I do not manage my time and energy well. This week, I planned to go swimming today, but yeah since I just arrived from Bekasi yesterday morning and then I felt so tired and I woke up late and I still had things to do and that’s how I canceled my swimming plan 🙁


I hope I have more time and energy to do things I love (Wow this remind me with the “2016 Annual Letter” on Bill Gates’ blog ). I also do hope I have more things that I’d love to do for the next 5, 10 years and so on.

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TBT: The Journal

Ah.. almost 2 weeks from my last post about the smoked beef. And today, here I am writing about my old blog.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Proudduck by Vivy Yusof, looking at her archive, wondering how long has she been blogging, when a question popped out of my mind “How long have I been blogging?”. Then, I went to check my oldest blog, still in Blogspot. I still like looking at it. Even though I do not write there anymore, it’s still like a home. A home of my past writings, my old stories. I am glad that I left it in its clean look (design of template) hehe.

There’s one thing that interests my eyes when I checked my old blog. The header. It has the blog name on it “The Journal”. A name I gave because I was (and still) not good at giving names. I chose that name because my life was around “journaling” at that time. Well, writing diary actually. But, “journal” sounds more neutral than “diary”. Plus, I write ALL things in my diary (good & bad things). I don’t want to fill my blog with negative posts. Behind the name, there’s this pink background, I think I made it with some gradient so it looks glowing. Behind the pink background, there’s a picture of Cherry Blossom Trees, in Bonn, Germany to be precise. I am so mesmerized with the view that I make it as one of my wishlists to see it by my eyes (another reason to go to Germany!). Pink trees and white buildings, how could I not love it?

The Header

I even thinking to change my header to this again, since I think it’s more beautiful than my current logo 😛

I also have some thoughts of migrating posts in my old blog here. Because I don’t want to lose any of those stories (just in case…)


And the question: how long have I been blogging? I have checked and my first post was a post on June 29th, 2008. 9 years 1 month of blogging 🙂 Apparently, my blog (all my blogs combined) is one week younger than Vivy Yusof’s Proudduck <3


I might use this tag for this post #throwbackthursday :p

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Social Media.. Hmm?

I personally think that social media is not as fun/interesting as it used to be. I don’t know why. Maybe because some of my friends are not using it any more? There’re less interactions with my friends there than before. We are really becoming adults, aren’t we? Hahaha

Due to that, I don’t think i’ll check up on my social media often and will be more into writing blogs. To all my friends who read this, let’s write blog, too, so I can read your meaningful stories (or random stories is okay haha) rather than stare at social media (which is not interested anymore for me) hahaha
See you on the next post! Have a good weekend! 😁

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Why I Write Blog

Today, a friend gave me this nice article about building habits and one of fundamental habits is writing. Before reading the article I already had planned to write more since I had felt how hard it is to explain something to other person when I did not write as many as usual. This is a paragraph which really had me. This gave me a clear explanation why I should start to write more~

If reading allows you to inhabit other people’s minds for a brief period of time, learning to write well is like cleaning your house before the guests come over — it forces you to learn how to structure your thoughts more coherently, string together rational arguments, and tell stories in cogent and insightful ways. But not only that, it makes youa better and more insightful thinker. As Flannery O’Connor said, “I don’t know what I think until I write it down.”

you can read the article here:

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New Template: Light with A Hint of Purple


Yeay! Finally I could use this theme after doing some customization. I had wanted to use this light & simple theme since some time ago, but had not yet find how to customize it. Just today, when I have nothing to do (okay, I obviously have something to do, but I rather do this :p ) I accidentally drowned myself into customizing this template 😀 Happy with the result now, but still want to add some more~ like this footer 😀


Just in case I forget how to customize this template, I will post these helps here:




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