X-Captcha: Nimas

X-captcha: a group of Captcha 2012 members who work in Xtremax.

Yesterday was Nimas’ last day in Xtremax Bandung. Hiks.

Well, I’m not good with expressing my feeling through words. Hence, I could not give some nice farewell words yesterday (and now). However, this would not lessen my gratitude towards having Nimas as my friend at office. It has been wonderful! Thank you for your companionship, stories, and motivation haha. Stay healthy & happy!

X-captcha (minus Menori, Tony, Edmund)

With other workmates~

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Ujian & Berlian

“Hidup kan ujian. Namanya ujian pasti dikasih untun aspek yang belum matang. Kalau dikasih untuk aspek yang udah matang, nyontek namanya.”


“Berlian di mana aja jadi berlian, Rum. Rongsokan di mana aja jadi rongsokan.

Fokus aja terus ngembangin diri dengan pressure yang ga biasa. Sampai pressure-nya berasa “gitu doang”.

Diamond itu karbon, (karbon) bahkan lebih buruk dari rongsokan. Setelah jadi, better than any gold.”


Thank you, my SCCF :))


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Writing On The Train

Hi guys, I know it’s been long since my last post. I still learn to manage my life, develop daily routines, etc. Life has been a bit busy. This post might not be as positive or exciting as I hope it to be. However, I really miss writing my blog. So yeah.. here’s some stories..

Yesterday, I went to Jakarta for a personal matter. I left from Bandung at 6.45 a.m. Arrived at Jakarta around 10.30 a.m. Then I got some brunch (an excuse for not making time to eat breakfast before left). Finished my personal matter at 4 p.m. then left for travel pool. The booking slots for that afternoon wert full. Luckily, I had booked my seat so, even though I didn’t get the earlier travel, I still had my 5.45 p.m travel. Traffic jam as usual. Arrived at Bandung at 11 p.m then there were traffic jam again in the city which made me wonder why that’s happen. Haha what can i do. Arrived at Bandung pool at 11.45 p.m. Luckily again I have my dearest boyfriend who waited for me and picked me up at pool πŸ’•. 

Then I slept at around 2 a.m. this morning to wake up again in the morning to pray and get ready to work. Sleepy and hungry. I didn’t get chance to eat properly for dinner, only bought a snack in rest area. Lazily, I ate granola + milk this morning, in my bed. Then I got ready for work. Worked. Went to train station in the middle of drizzle. I supposed to be sleeping right now in the train since I have been sleepy today at work. I could not sleep now. I suspected this because of my head was filled with many thoughts. So, I wrote this.

I enjoyed these 2 days. These days have been an eye opening experience for me. It made me realize more about what I want, what i don’t like, what have I achieved, received, what have changed for the last year. Things have been greater than I expected a year ago. One thing that I (again) realize is that I cannot imagine myself living day by day for some years in Jakarta. I think I have been adapted well to Bandung haha #notjakartansmaterial 

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New Template, Yay!


Yay! I’m happy with this template since it’s nice & simple and has a gold accent (the pink is my idea since my header has pink background haha). This also looks cleaner than the previous template hehe πŸ˜€

I hope this new template makes reading experience better πŸ˜€

See you on the next post!

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One Year Later…

It’s been a year and some weeks after my graduation. It’s almost one year working full-time at my current office. It’s almost the new year again.

I thought life with no mid-test, no homework, no programming tasks, no 7 a.m. classΒ will be easier. No, it was not since there are more challenges, of course. Even so, it’s more fun and enjoyable than before. I learned a lot, most of it is about life, real life (i’m so irresponsible during my college life hehe).

I still need to manage my life well. I still need to thrive on my targets and do more things that bring happiness. πŸ™‚


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Cognitive Designer – Don Norman

I want to write about UX and this is just baby steps. I hope I can get better in writing. For now, it just several points about the video I watched yesterday. It’s nice and concise πŸ™‚



Several points from this video:

  • Cognitive designer is a new kind of designer that includes all the other kind designers.
  • We’re trying to make tech work well with people. We take what we understand about the human being, human cognition, and apply that to making tech, services, systems better for people.
  • Applying cognition for the benefits of people.Β A bridge between tech, people, and human capabilities.
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New Header

This header change is unplanned hehe. I was bored at the time then I decided to play with photoshop brushes. Found some good brushes and tried to make something. And here it is




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Quick Catch Up

Hi All, how’s your day?

Finally, I have time to write again here :”) I do have many things to write, things that cross my minds, but life has been fast-paced these days. Things happened and I had to work on those things (not wanting to be ungrateful, I won’t tell what the things are haha. And you must not enjoy to read my complains, right? Haha). 
And here I am taking a one day leave from work, to have rest and prepare for next days. Since I don’t know what should I do today, I can write again here, yeay!

Bandung is raining this week, guys (It seemed like no rain on last week, didn’t it?) be prepared, stay healthy, & eat good foods.

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Weekend: Fruit & Veg

Productive weekend so far.. I went to traditional market with mom to buy some fruits & vegs. So happy because in this tradional market near my house they have many fruits & vegs that I like such as cherry tomato (IDR 20k/kg), lemonades (IDR 10k each), oranges to make orange juice (a.k.a jeruk peras hahaha IDR 14-17k/kg). I wonder why I cannot found them in Simpang Traditional Market in Bandung πŸ˜”

These months also the season for grapes and strawberries I think. Because they are very cheap!!! Grapes only IDR 40k/kg. Both are my favorite fruits πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Whoaa me talking about fruits & vegs price and traditional market! One year before these topics were almost never cross my mind. Such a change haha 
Other productive activities that I did today:

  1. Learned new recipe from my cousin who cooked at my house today
  2. Did accounting for my money
  3. Made this blog post

Things I am expecting today:

  1. Tonight’s episode of Age of Youth 2 (or Hello, My Twenties 2)
  2. Go to swimming pool in the afternoon maybe, if I’m not sleepy. Just a day when the family is gathered and there’re so many food and I feel so full right now

The food that my cousin made feat. orange juice.

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