The Hometown

Used to love & hate the city. Love it because my home is here and the foods. Hate the heat, traffic jam, & flood ?. Now that the city’s facility getting better (trotoars, benches, and little parks along the road) it’s more liveable & enjoyable (for holiday :p )


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TGIF Comes Early..

TGIF comes early when a 2,5-hour (estimation) work is finished in much less than the estimated time. Alhamdulillah.


Yeah, I still have other works. I only planned for that 2,5-hour work for today, tho. LOL

Now waiting for the revision…

Cheers! :p

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Today I Made


Finally a new post!

Hi All, it’s been a long time. Phew~

I tried to blog from WordPress mobile app, sadly, the images were often failed to upload (i don’t know why)

Anyway, I do have some stories to share and finally some motivations to live up this blog again (yeay!)

Truth is the last 2 months were not the easiest time. Life has its ups & downs, after all. I was sad, cried (had meltdown) easily, a bit lost. However, I’m currently progressing toward the better me. I decide to just do what makes me happy: live by my own rules :)) LOL


Maybe I should write down my rules until I have rules like Gibbs’ (NCIS) :p

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East Bali Cashews – Salted Caramel Popcorn

Finally, I have time to post again! February has been a busy and tiring month (it’s still actually). These weekends I only hope to sleep or taking a slow day, do my favorite things, without thinking of work or any tasks haha. So, this is me, try to write a quick blog post because i have missed it a lot.

Very yummy! I bought it in Borma Dago. Setiabudhi Supermarket sells it as well.

Price IDR 26.000


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Today’s Meal: Broccoli with Creamy Cheese Sauce ?

Broccoli with cheese sauce and ground meat. And mashed potato.

Very easy & tasty (it has cheese!) Healthy veggie, use no oil nor Royco? Plus, it’s a match with mashed potato (that can be prepared earlier and saved in fridge #mealprep)

In case you’re wondering, I used the triplets broccoli for this meal (2 portion) haha

And i just get back from grocery store which is Borma Dago Bandung and found these Chitato “Fried Crab Golden Egg Yolk” and Chitato “Mango Sticky Rice.

They cost Rp7.300. There should be the Beef Rendang flavor as well. I think the Chitato beef rendang flavor was sold out because there’s only the pricetag ?. Most likely will buy the “Beef Rendang” flavor if it’s available, I heard the review is good LOL.

And no, I did not buy the two flavors available. So, I cannot give any review. Instead, I stick to my safe option: Lays, which I currently eat while typing this #multitasking ?

Thursday Meal: Fried Noodle

I forgot to post it yesterday, so today would do. LOL.

Review: Edible. ??

Has better presentation than earlier verson. LOL. #noroycoadded ?

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Highlights of January (Part #1)

Haha last week, I wanted to create weekly highlight post and ended up not making one. Hence, this post title is to cover up the last week and this week this month highlight. Haha.

Why do I write this kind of post? I don’t know, I just think it will be fun. At least for me. So, later when I feel bored, I could look up to these posts and get inspired to do things that make me happy.

Well, as a start, I may not write much. So, basically, this post will only contain pics and a little bit description.

1. Singkong Thailand (A Savory – Sweet Dessert)

Singkong Thailand
Singkong Thailand
Singkong Thailand

I really like this dessert because of the savory yet sweet taste has a good combination. The savory taste comes from the coconut milk vla (the white layer) and the sweet taste comes from the cassava. A simple dessert, yet very tasty

It costs only Rp7.000 and is available in a traditional market near my house in Bekasi. I prefer to eat this when the dessert is chilled. I also bring 2 cups of this when I returned to Bandung, just because I really like it ?

2. Help Ibu with Go-Food registration

Last week I helped Ibu to take photos of the food which Ibu want to sell in Go-Food.

Nasi Kucing
Nasi Kucing


Nasi Pecel

We sell nasi bakar, nasi pecel, nasi kucing, nasi gudeg, ayam bakar. You can contact me if you want to buy these foods! Haha #imserious

3. Lemon & Honey

The weather was uncertain these days. Hence, I need to improve my body with vitamins. A supplement that I like is lemon & honey in warm water. I feel better and fresh after I drink this. My skin is also less dry. ??

Honey Lemon Drink

4. A good novel: Resign! By Almira Bastari

I like this novel since I read this in Wattpad. It’s light, fresh, entertaining & lovely. Also maybe I read this book because I feel related (to the corporate life part, not to the romance part obviously) :))

Resign by Almira Bastari - cover
Resign by Almira Bastari – cover
Resign – Intro

To be continued..

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Disclaimer: this post might be a cheesy one, it will be more about ka Emil & me haha.

On the last Saturday of 2017, Ka Emil and I went to Marugame. After finished our meal, I opened my senior high school group and found that my friend gave a riddle. Since I was waiting for ka Emil to be ready to our next destination, I worked on that riddle. I worked with paper (Marugame receipt to be precise) and pen which I borrowed from ka Emil. I counted it manually, just because~ After I finished the riddle I gave my answer to the group. Then, ka Emil asked me what did I do? I showed him my draft, my manual problem-solving. Turned out, he was interested in the riddle and asked me to show him the riddle.

After packed our belongings, we walked from Marugame to Merdeka street (Yes, walked, by foot) We kept silent for a while and suddenly ka Emil said about the riddle, to confirm on how the system in that riddle work, what my answer is, and how to solve it. “Oh, my… I know you’re so silent because you’re thinking about it!!” Hahaha, I did not know that he would be interested in the riddle. “Yes. However, I try to solve it inside my mind.. by creating a mathematical formula of it ” he replied and told me some mathematical solutions he thought of, I didn’t remember exactly. I just laughed. He’s so funny!

Then we went to the brownies place, I told him to wait somewhere while I was buying the brownies (for myself, in case you want to know :p ). When finished, I met him at the restaurant part of the place. Turned out he’s still working on the riddle in his mind haha. Suddenly I had this feeling that I made a wrong calculation on my answer, then I checked my draft (the receipt) and yes I made a wrong calculation. I revised my solution and showed it to ka Emil. I made it neat enough that he could recognize the pattern. I knew there’s a pattern too. However, made it to some mathematical formula was too much work for me at the time hahaha. He recognized the pattern from my draft and voila! He made the mathematical formula easily (like less than 5 mins maybe). Then we exchange our answer and the answer from my draft/receipt and his formula was same, yeay haha. He’s so happy finding out the formula that he even open my group to answer the riddle and happily provide the mathematical formula explanation to the group!!! Hahaha


Here are some proofs of evidence.
This is the problem. Thanks, Hime!


My manual solution.. (on the back of receipt)


His solution…


He happily explained his solution in my group and astonished my friends ? #imsosmart #noguys #itshim


Here is the funny guy, so happy finding out the formula ?

The smart guy, he’s so happy! #imhappyforyoutoo #LOL

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Life as INTJ: Read, Archive

There are some days when I don’t feel like talking or interact with anyone except family and ka Emil. Then I think how to make myself feel better. It turns out that archiving chats can do that. I feel less overwhelming. No, I never have hundred or thousand chat notification haha. However, as an introvert, sometimes looking at too many chats (even the read ones) overwhelms me. Having too many chats on a chat list is like being in a crowded room even though I’m talking to no one.

Based on this psychology junkie article ( “Too much noise or sensory input” is one of the things that cause stress to INTJ. I consider the crowded room metaphor too much noise. LOL.

I know this sounds weird. Nonetheless, it works for me haha.

This is what’s left on my WhatsApp after I archived other messages. I did this to my Line, too, which most of its chats are from official/promo account LOL.

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Doctor Who: Try To Be Nice, Never Fail To Be Kind

12th Doctor
12th Doctor
Image source:×490/landscape-1448809726-doctor-who-hell-bent-01.jpg


You wait a moment, Doctor. Let’s get it right. I’ve got a few things to say to you. Basic stuff first.

Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember – hate is always foolish…and love is always wise.

Always try, to be nice and never fail to be kind. Oh, and….and you mustn’t tell anyone your name. No-one would understand it anyway.


12th Doctor regeneration speech.

I really like this series, cannot wait for the next season (will miss this Doctor for sure!) 😀


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