I’m Back (again, now in 2020)

Hi guysss, I’m back again after a long long hiatus…. don’t know for how long this comeback will happen hehe…

I watched Julie & Julia last week and it made me missed those old blogging times. So, here I am.

Apparently, my last post was in March last year… After more than a year, I’m back and thinking to tidy up my layout and content first.. which I think will take some time. So yeah, this is my comeback post at least hehe 😃

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Romance Is A Bonus Book (Netflix)

March is a special month for me, so I must give this month a post haha (probably later i’ll tell where have i been)

Romance Is A Bonus Book is a series I just finished and really like it!! 😍😍

(Image source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_Is_a_Bonus_Book )

My rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Reasons to watch this series:

  1. It’s rom-com (romatic comedy) series. The kind that make me smile (hint hint @Ka Emil) and sometimes crying, too.
  2. The setting is a publishing company, the characters also love to read books. If you like reading, I suggest to watch this!! I think a series with book theme is rare 😊
  3. The publishing office is so lovely… It’s like modern library and seems cozy.
  4. Lee Jong-suk’s sweet smiles!! Well, basically, Lee Jong-suk.
  5. Eun-Ho’s house is pretty ❤

Rom-com, books, charming characters… What’s not to love 😊

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This Week Highlights ✨

Breakfast with fruit is good 👍👍 (and safe..)

Dimsum~ I bought it from Tata, it’s tasty and price-worthy~ definitely will repurchase 😋

Tried Aice mochi ice cream~ also tasty and cheap~

Tried out new food court near office. It has Clemmons, so 👍👍

Went to Naylah’s Wedding. It’s been a lovely time meeting with you all~ feeling so so so grateful 😆

While these collection of events and foods have been exciting, there are also some other things that highlighted my week. However, I need some time to write them 😅

So, see you on the next post!

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A Place In This World – Taylor Swift

I don’t know what I want, so don’t ask me
‘Cause I’m still trying to figure it out
Don’t know what’s down this road
I’m just walking
Trying to see through the rain coming down
Even though I’m not the only one, who feels
The way I do

I’m alone, on my own
And that’s all I know,
I’ll be strong, I’ll be wrong
Oh, but life goes on
Oh, I’m just a girl
Trying to find a place in this world

Recently found this old song from Taylor Swift~ (released in 2006)

I like this song because it reminded me to some point in my life when I felt just like that :“)

Ok, see you on the next post~

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Daily Life: Infused Water, Taylor Swift Rep Tour

Since I feel a bit unwell lately, I decided to go out early, find breakfast and that’s finished at 7.40 AM. Then I went to Setiabudhi Supermarket because my work hour starts at 9 or 10 and needed to buy ingredients for my infused water. I bought lemon and cucumber and prepared the infused water at my office. It feels refreshing to drink the infused water. 

Road to Setiabudhi Supermarket. Trees along the street~
Lemon & Cucumber
My infused water

I arrived at 8.20-ish which was still early for me so I decided to re-watch Taylor Swift Rep Tour again on Netflix. Haha.

Taylor Swift concert. The cats are so cute!!

Bye now, see you on the next post!

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A throwback to a cozy weekend…

🏡 Tidied up our house (a bit)

🚶Took a morning walk and date

🍅 Bought groceries

🙆 Breakfast with best friends from high school

A nice city 🙂
Big windows and natural light ❤️

Cheers to upcoming weekend when I can play the Sims again 😆🥂

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New Year’s Holiday

Day 1 & 2: Arrived in Jakarta

Bought Beard Papa’s. My favorite is eclair puff with vanilla filling 😋

Obviously it becomes one of my comfort foods!

Trees and tall buildings…

Day 3: Arrived at Home

Colorful plants by my mom. I hope I could grow some lettuce or kale by myself this year haha

Chizprek.co , please open in Bandung! 😋

Soto Seger Boyolali for breakfast, near home.

Quality time with lil bro. Sorry for the blurry picture :p

My mom, lil bro, and I made baked mac n cheese.

unbaked version:

baked version:

The Sims 4: Yeay!!!

Being introvert is easy. LOL.

Day 4: New Year’s Day

Family dining out. Alhamdulillah all of us could gather on that day. Also alhamdulillah for Sate Maranggi H. Yetti Cibungur being open on new year’s day. FYI, they are only closed in Idul Fitri day and open since 8 a.m. (info from their whatsapp business, you can get the number from their instagram here : https://www.instagram.com/satemaranggihajiyettycibungur  )

Besides the satay, I would like to recommend their fritters (a.k.a gorengan). I think you should order each of the fritters because they are so tasty especially with their chili sauce!

The fritters and sauce deserve a picture 😋

This short holiday is full of tasty meals. Alhamdulillah 

Taylor Swift Reputation Tour

Another highlight from this holiday is Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour in Netflix !! 

“Please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere” – New Year’s Day by Taylor Swift


Now that it’s January already, I can recover from the family and social events in December #introvertbatteryislow.

See you on the next post! 

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Madiun – Dec 2018

Just several photos from my trip to Madiun this month. Wish I could stay longer haha

The Family

Before akad~

Sisters 💞

Happy wedding mas Adi & mba Sari 😁

At Grandpa’s House

Flowers in front of my grandpa’s house. Anyone know what’s its name?


Nasi Pecel. My must-have while here *nomnomnom

#sorryfornotsogoodphoto #justhavetopostit

The Double Decker Bus

How we went to Madiun: double-decker bus!

It’s indeed an interesting experience! The bus was comfy. I could sleep well haha. The cost for one person is Rp325.000 if I’m not mistaken. And the most important thing was I could charge my phone in bus haha #noworryforbattery

I traveled from Bekasi around 3 p.m. and arrived in Magetan (my grandpa’s village) at 6 a.m. the day after.

The height compared to the Mixer car…

See you on the next post! 😆

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Lunch Box

Simple Gado-Gado

Green lettuce, boiled egg, tomato, bitternut cracker (or emping, not in photo) with gado-gado sauce (also not in photo). I got the sauce from my mom since I had not learned to make it yet haha. The colors are so fresh, right?

Boiled egg. This was my second attempt on making boiled egg and the result was good, at least it’s not undercooked 🙂

Now that I realized… I should have noted the method I use to boil the egg otherwise I need to search the internet again… #justremembernow

Fruits: 🍓 & 🍊

Strawberries are looked like candies, isn’t it?

Look at the center of the orange! It’s like a small flower! Very nice! 🍊

btw, this kind of orange has only a few of seeds

See you on the next post 🙂

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