Lesson Learned: Write

Why did I have so much in my mind?


Why did I get angry easily these days? (i.e. angry to Angkot drivers who dropped me off before I reached my office because they wanted to change their route and I was the only passenger)


Where did my money go?


Those were questions that I just started to realize this week. And I needed to solve them as soon as possible. Fortunately, I always know that writing in my private journal can provide help for me. I spent some time at night to write them out. And I realized my mistake: I did not write.


I did not write my private journal. That’s why I had so much in my mind because I kept them only in my mind. I kept not only about things in my minds, but also my emotions which I had to let out :p


I did not write my financial journal. Well, I have written my financial journal since January this year, but I did not make the report (for myself), did not pay attention to my budget, and did not write every purchase I made. I thought with just writing down big purchases, it would be ok, while, in fact, that is not OK because I also made many small purchases which if accumulated will be as significant as the big purchases. In short, I did not appreciate my money. Then, I made some refinements on how I manage my money. Started from August, I write my financial journal more carefully. I even make the report with a graph in it. And it feels so good to see the graph does not go downward in a steep line haha. 😀

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