The Moment I Use Mi Remote

Hi guys, my family and I have safely arrived at my grandpa’s home. We (my cousins, nephew, brother) gathered at living room and watched TV. I didn’t really like the show so i asked my brother who turned on the tv where’s the remote. He said “there’s no remote, use the buttons”

haha so lazy ?

Then i remembered there’s this remote app in my phone . I tried and it’s worked! The little cousin & nephew of course were amazed with this thing wkwkwk ? No more “where’s the TV remote” #problem #iamsocoolforthem

“Rumah Mbah” = Grandparent’s house.
Thank you Mi Remote for help me who’s too lazy to push the TV buttons ?

Thank you technology for making life easier hahaha (might not using this app if i weren’t lazy LOL)
Another random post i know, thank you for reading ??

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