Eavesdropping (or Overheard?) In Public Places…

As an introvert, I don’t like being in crowded places, not because sometimes I’m alone in those places (Yes, I enjoy wandering around by myself, it’s actually fun, tho LOL). Crowded places just overwhelmed for me haha.

But there are times when I cannot just stay at home or kostan, that’s when I have to face the crowd. In order to “have fun” in the crowded places, I think of it as a lab, I observe people. And eavesdropping is part of it. I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but some people are just talk so loud that I overheard what they say :)) First, I overheard, then if the conversation is interesting (there are some overheard conversations that i decided to not continue listening to, haha), I continue listen to it (is it called eavesdropping?) *smirk* 

Is it my fault that i overheard what they say? They talk so loud in a public place after all 😂
And what i do next? I analyze the observation result :)) I think about their personalities, age, behavior, background, what makes them do what they do, what make their personalities :)) This thinking process make my experience in crowded places enjoyable haha weird, I know. And very UX (?) or like an investigator who spy on people? (Yeah, i watch many films and series in this genre such as NCIS, The Catch haha)

It’s a random post i write while waiting for movie. How about you readers, do you have similar experiences? What do you do when you overheard people next to you?

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