Long Live UX & An Old Story

Some days ago, I was given an article titled “Web Design is Dead” The article from mashable explain why web design is dead. It was caused by the emerging techniques, like artificial intelligence (AI),  that make designing a website become easier (we can see now there’re many web services for drag and drop website design). Just like what inside Michio Kaku’s book about future (i forget the title) any activities that doing repeatedly (routines) can be replaced by machine works.

So, what’s left for human? one of them is aesthetic work/activity. Activities that use empathy, feeling. Also said in article “Long Live UX Design”, i obviously agree with this since experience is more about human. Experience is not always about digital thing, but greater than that. Experience can be smelling the coffee or tea, putting on a warm sweater, opening a door to a great room, etc.

In UCL (Univerity College London), the Human Computer Interaction and Ergonomics is under Brain Sciences faculty. This is one of my choices to continue my studies (another is CMU – HCII). I have a funny story about this. In the high school, my teacher asked every student to fill the form about future studies and what major would you like to take. I write in my form: Neuroscience. I had just finished Mr. Brain serial at that time and was fascinated by Mr. Brain that i wanted to be a Neuroscientist, because for me it’s interesting to know how brain works and affects our act.

I even played this in chemist lab and watch with my classmates since there was no teacher that day and we’re just tired with the 3rd grader routines 😀

I guess i was ‘outlier’ enough at that time to write Neuroscientist, not doctor, not psychologist, not engineer like most of my classmates hahaha ????. Obviously, my teacher asked who write the neuroscientist, i raised my hand, she asked what’s that, i explained, and she said that to become a Neuroscientist i had to take medical major then take neuroscience in Ph.D. study. I was not interested in taking medical study, tho. Well, i felt a bit embarrassed back then, but i believed in myself that Neuroscience, even it’s not popular in Indonesia, is still under reach and not just an imaginary profession from a film. Yeah, maybe i am just an outlier since i don’t know when hahaha

Moreover, a fun fact, today we have professions which are not expected before, like social media analyst, shopping assistant, etc. Isn’t that funny? I might not be a Neuroscientist, but I can be UX researcher and that’s kinda same since they’re about brain sciences 😀 😀 😀

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