Bandung Events #1: Kampoeng Jazz, Pizza Data, CodeMeetUp()

One of many reasons why I loved Bandung is it has many events, particularly the community based events. From craft classes until IT discussion can be found in this lovely city. Well, i know i am a true introvert and those events are filled with many strangers (at first). Room full of strangers is kind of scary for introvert, you know~ I was afraid in my first time to attends such events. Luckily, i am not alone since i went there with a friend. Though I overcame my fear of coming to those events, i still could not be the person who start the conversation first.

Here are some photos of events i attended this year (until today). Most of them where taken from the events’ websites.

Pizza Data

For the article, datanesia’s website. There’s my face in the photo but i wasn’t prepared so, I am not posting the photo here haha.

Here’s the 2nd time I came to Pizza Data. It was yesterday and since it’s Ramadan fasting month, my team and I used this opportunity for breakfasting together sok-sokan bukber deh. If you asked if there’s pizza? the answer is yes and its free and you can have two or more slices (if there’re not many people attending hehe) 😀

Pizza Data Bandung
Taken from kak Pandu’s facebook post

Kampoeng Jazz 2015

next is photo from Kampoeng Jazz 2015 event. I am not a person who would go to concert, but since Ka Eja from Accellera gave the tickets to us (my friends and I), so we went there. Basically, it was not a ticket, but invitation, so, we could enter the venue without queuing. Cool, isn’t it? :))

I did not take any photos there, so i just posted the ticket :p

Kampoeng Jazz InvitationcodeMeetUP()

Code? me doing code? haha it’s not sound that scary, I don’t need to code in this event. This is an event held by ProcodeCG (visit their website here: Anyone from any backgrounds who has interest in IT can come to BCCF to hear the sharing & discussion since it’s not always technical discussion. I have attended this event twice, the first was “Start Up Pitch Failures” whose speaker is my lecturer, Mr. Budi or Pak BR. The second time, the sharing topic was SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Here are the photos

Start Up Pitch Failures
Yeah, i was the only girl there….
CodeMeetUp Bandung
Finally, not the only girl :p

By attending these events, I overcame my fear of coming to events with many strangers hehe. I started to know about other people, what are they doing, how do they could doing their work with much passion. So cool & inspiring!

Ok, that’s all for now, see you on the next post! 😀

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