Life Map: Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

I have this habit of planning (and updating) my life map and as i get older i need to make my plan/life map to be more focused. I need to find where i belong before it’s too late, moreover, i need to find the answer of the “Why do I live?” Yes, as a moslem, the purpose of life is to worship Allah, but how?  what kind of goodness that i can contribute to this world?

On Monday, at the midnight, i did some browsing for my reference for information security assignment. I have interest in usability (UX, UI, human interaction, etc) and also information security (yes, i know it’s kinda uncommon). To make the assignment more interesting for myself (it’s a must!), I searched security papers which also studied its usability. Then, who knew that i’d find many papers contain both usability and security from CMU. Suddenly, i felt excited! I knew that CMU has HCII (Human-Computer Interaction Institute) but then i found it’s information security lab (in which i found those many usable security papers) just got me more interested to CMU. Then i found the CyLab which has Privacy Protection (it’s the close one to usable security) and cross-cut thrust with cryptography and usable privacy & security. Interesting.

As i have mentioned above, i have interest in usability and security. Before i found those paper, i felt that i can choose only one of them for my first graduate study  (I can take as many as grad studies i want, can’t I?) But then, thanks to Allah for showing me that CMU CyLab which enable people to learn both usability & security (not only one of them) at the same time. I do not know whether it’s the best for me or not, but i want it, so i need to add this to my prayer, thrive for it, and let Allah do the rest 🙂

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