Lesson Learned: Write

Why did I have so much in my mind?


Why did I get angry easily these days? (i.e. angry to Angkot drivers who dropped me off before I reached my office because they wanted to change their route and I was the only passenger)


Where did my money go?


Those were questions that I just started to realize this week. And I needed to solve them as soon as possible. Fortunately, I always know that writing in my private journal can provide help for me. I spent some time at night to write them out. And I realized my mistake: I did not write.


I did not write my private journal. That’s why I had so much in my mind because I kept them only in my mind. I kept not only about things in my minds, but also my emotions which I had to let out :p


I did not write my financial journal. Well, I have written my financial journal since January this year, but I did not make the report (for myself), did not pay attention to my budget, and did not write every purchase I made. I thought with just writing down big purchases, it would be ok, while, in fact, that is not OK because I also made many small purchases which if accumulated will be as significant as the big purchases. In short, I did not appreciate my money. Then, I made some refinements on how I manage my money. Started from August, I write my financial journal more carefully. I even make the report with a graph in it. And it feels so good to see the graph does not go downward in a steep line haha. 😀

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Why I Write Blog

Today, a friend gave me this nice article about building habits and one of fundamental habits is writing. Before reading the article I already had planned to write more since I had felt how hard it is to explain something to other person when I did not write as many as usual. This is a paragraph which really had me. This gave me a clear explanation why I should start to write more~

If reading allows you to inhabit other people’s minds for a brief period of time, learning to write well is like cleaning your house before the guests come over — it forces you to learn how to structure your thoughts more coherently, string together rational arguments, and tell stories in cogent and insightful ways. But not only that, it makes youa better and more insightful thinker. As Flannery O’Connor said, “I don’t know what I think until I write it down.”

you can read the article here: https://markmanson.net/goals

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