The Lakes – Taylor Swift

Today’s watercolor~

A red rose grew up out of ice frozen ground
With no one around to tweet it
While I bathe in cliffside pools with my calamitous love
And insurmountable grief

Take me to the lakes, where all the poets went to die
I don’t belong, and my beloved, neither do you
Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry
I’m settin’ off, but not without my muse

The Lakes – Taylor Swift

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Stay At Home Activity: Painting

I tried painting and making clay for the sake of trying new things, crafty crafty, which were fun. Doing these activities was a good distraction from my phone (instagram scrolling, duh ?)

My favorite part of this activity was mixing color. It’s wonderful to see new pretty colors as result of 3 basic colors mixing/combination ? This time I use: fuchsia-red, white, and lemon yellow.

Shades of red, pink, orange
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Main Monopoly

Berhasil jadi juara 1 setelah berkali-kali main hehe. Postingan ini dibuat untuk dokumentasi aja sih wkwk. Kali ini tidak lupa untuk screenshot tanahnya sebelum ga bisa lihat lagi ??

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Stay At Home Journal: Main Monopoli Online

Salah satu hal yang menyenangkan dari periode stay-at-home ini adalah jadi bisa silaturahmi sama teman-teman (sebagai anak introvert, teman2 di sini ya mereka2 aja sih wkwk I cherish them ??) tanpa ribet-ribet keluar rumah. Mau main ga perlu ribet siap2, pilih baju, mikirin ke tempat kumpul pakai transportasi apa, harus berangkat dan pulang jam berapa, dll. Terus juga bisa main sampai malam banget karena kan mainnya dari rumah masing2 wkwk no worries.

Postingan kali ini ditulis buat kenang-kenangan game night malam Minggu kemarin. Akhirnya main monopoli ramean. Seru!! wkwkwk

Hmm jadi siapa yang menang ya ?

Ditunggu game night berikutnya ??

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Stay At Home Journal: Play with Clay


Today my air-dry clay arrived. I tried to made some shapes with it. Still had no idea what it will become. I just wanted to have fun trying new things while being a happy-homebody ??

I have not painted those yet, probably tomorrow after the acrylic paints came (umm.. yes, apparently i needed them to color the clay.. so there my pocket money went~ ?) I had one acrylic though, it’s gold – metallic and i loved it already!!


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Stay-At-Home Journal

Wanted to post my stay-at-home/WFH outfit mostly just because I wished I could use them everyday ??

1. T-shirt dress (a.k.a daster)

2. Comfy long pants (basically pajamas pants, for practicality if I needed to pick up package outside)

3. Comfy outerwear (actually a sleep robe that i’ve been using these days since it’s 17° C ☃️)

Yeah basically i’m in pajamas all day (almost) everyday ? #pajamasmood #grateful #GoodThingsAbout #StayAtHome

No matchy matchy, but it’s lemon, cheer up!
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