Life as INTJ: Read, Archive

There are some days when I don’t feel like talking or interact with anyone except family and ka Emil. Then I think how to make myself feel better. It turns out that archiving chats can do that. I feel less overwhelming. No, I never have hundred or thousand chat notification haha. However, as an introvert, sometimes looking at too many chats (even the read ones) overwhelms me. Having too many chats on a chat list is like being in a crowded room even though I’m talking to no one.

Based on this psychology junkie article ( “Too much noise or sensory input” is one of the things that cause stress to INTJ. I consider the crowded room metaphor too much noise. LOL.

I know this sounds weird. Nonetheless, it works for me haha.

This is what’s left on my WhatsApp after I archived other messages. I did this to my Line, too, which most of its chats are from official/promo account LOL.

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Ingin Nulis, Tapi..

Ingin nulis kejadian sore ini, tapi takut ada orang baca terus dikira ini ungkapan kebencian 😌 masih belum riset lagi sih apa aja yang termasuk ungkapan tersebut atau bukan (PR!) 

Akhirnya nulis di jurnal pribadi wkwkwk terus pas ka Emil baca, diketawain 😂
Bonus foto: senja di Jakarta, nunggu bis ga dateng-dateng (ah sudah tidak perlu diungkit, hanya bikin mewek lagi aja)

Pesan moral:

  1. Harus bersyukur
  2. Lebih menikmati hidup di Bandung. Tidak ingin kerja atau tinggal di Jakarta, ga kuat sama lalu lintasnya kalau mesti tiap hari wkwk semoga tidak perlu diharuskan kerja di Jakarta hehe ✌
  3. Cepat dapet SIM biar bisa lebih mandiri 😩 (dan biar ga mesti ketemu terlalu banyak manusia #introvert :p )
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Eavesdropping (or Overheard?) In Public Places…

As an introvert, I don’t like being in crowded places, not because sometimes I’m alone in those places (Yes, I enjoy wandering around by myself, it’s actually fun, tho LOL). Crowded places just overwhelmed for me haha.

But there are times when I cannot just stay at home or kostan, that’s when I have to face the crowd. In order to “have fun” in the crowded places, I think of it as a lab, I observe people. And eavesdropping is part of it. I don’t mean to eavesdrop, but some people are just talk so loud that I overheard what they say :)) First, I overheard, then if the conversation is interesting (there are some overheard conversations that i decided to not continue listening to, haha), I continue listen to it (is it called eavesdropping?) *smirk* 

Is it my fault that i overheard what they say? They talk so loud in a public place after all 😂
And what i do next? I analyze the observation result :)) I think about their personalities, age, behavior, background, what makes them do what they do, what make their personalities :)) This thinking process make my experience in crowded places enjoyable haha weird, I know. And very UX (?) or like an investigator who spy on people? (Yeah, i watch many films and series in this genre such as NCIS, The Catch haha)

It’s a random post i write while waiting for movie. How about you readers, do you have similar experiences? What do you do when you overheard people next to you?

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