Peaceful Morning

View from bed ðŸ˜ī

Finally, after finished my work’s to do list yesterday and wrote diary last night, I could sleep in peace and woke up feeling light. Plus, the weather is very nice, cool, great temperature to stay in bed *stretching in bed* and it’s public holiday today, so, i’m allowed to stay in bed until later/feels hungry.


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Cerita hari ini: mau nulis jurnal/diary dari pagi… terus terdistraksi ini-itu sampai detik ini belum di tulis juga ðŸ˜ĩ

Hiks. Mau me time 💆‍♀ïļ

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Life Updates & Current Read: “Walk of Shame” by Lauren Layne

From a book I read: Walk of Shame

Read this book so it feels like I’m in Manhattan ðŸĨ°ðŸĪŠ Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne. Loved it so far 😆

I just had a bit hectic week, which then resulted in my life went out of control..

The days went like this: I stressed or too focused on something for more than 3 days or more, I rarely cook, had poor sleep, my exercise sessions were often below target, could not focus on other simple things, sleepy eyes everyday.. my mind was not clear… I ate burgers probably 3 times this week… (either it’s PMS or just a stressing week or both 😞) The last burger was great tho, it’s crispy chicken burger with not-overpowering sesame dressing.

Just today, I had a chance for a peaceful weekend morning sleep and took today slower. Recovery was still in progress. I found social media was too chaotic for me now, so I watched youtube for cartoon (Atashinchi) or cat videos and read novel. And here I am, dumped my thought on my own blog because I felt like I need to do something good for myself, like hobbies..

Talking about blog, I think the current theme still not suite me well. It’s nice, but still not feeling like me 😂😂😂

Happy weekend! From me with these sleepy eyes 🐞

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Highlights of January (Part #1)

Haha last week, I wanted to create weekly highlight post and ended up not making one. Hence, this post title is to cover up the last week and this week this month highlight. Haha.

Why do I write this kind of post? I don’t know, I just think it will be fun. At least for me. So, later when I feel bored, I could look up to these posts and get inspired to do things that make me happy.

Well, as a start, I may not write much. So, basically, this post will only contain pics and a little bit description.

1. Singkong Thailand (A Savory – Sweet Dessert)

Singkong Thailand

Singkong Thailand
Singkong Thailand

I really like this dessert because of the savory yet sweet taste has a good combination. The savory taste comes from the coconut milk vla (the white layer) and the sweet taste comes from the cassava. A simple dessert, yet very tasty

It costs only Rp7.000 and is available in a traditional market near my house in Bekasi. I prefer to eat this when the dessert is chilled. I also bring 2 cups of this when I returned to Bandung, just because I really like it 😆

2. Help Ibu with Go-Food registration

Last week I helped Ibu to take photos of the food which Ibu want to sell in Go-Food.

Nasi Kucing
Nasi Kucing


Nasi Pecel

We sell nasi bakar, nasi pecel, nasi kucing, nasi gudeg, ayam bakar. You can contact me if you want to buy these foods! Haha #imserious

3. Lemon & Honey

The weather was uncertain these days. Hence, I need to improve my body with vitamins. A supplement that I like is lemon & honey in warm water. I feel better and fresh after I drink this. My skin is also less dry. 🍋ðŸŊ

Honey Lemon Drink

4. A good novel: Resign! By Almira Bastari

I like this novel since I read this in Wattpad. It’s light, fresh, entertaining & lovely. Also maybe I read this book because I feel related (to the corporate life part, not to the romance part obviously) :))

Resign by Almira Bastari - cover
Resign by Almira Bastari – cover

Resign – Intro

To be continued..

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Finally Packed!

Yay! I finally finished packing my clothes and stuffs for mudik (going to hometown tradition). I did it after work, well, I chose the clothes this morning, put them on my bed and left for work 😂 i put, arranged them in my travel bag after i went home from work haha. So quick for my standard. Maybe because i had learn from the past what not to bring, what i won’t use, etc so that i bring less stuffs than the previous year. Here’s my bags for mudik

These are my stuffs for umm… 10 days of mudik haha

Most of my co-workers take leave for Idul Fitri Holiday from 23rd or Friday this week, but i start earlier so that my family and i won’t get traffic jam. 

Today i was so sleepy at work. I slept at half past twelve, woke up at 6 and slept again until 7.30-ish, got ready, chose my clothes. So sleepy but cannot sleep ðŸ˜īðŸ˜īðŸ˜ī and now i’m on my way to Bekasi, i’ll sleep after i post this. Yeah.

So happy that the holiday has arrived! 
Have a nice day, readers! 😁

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