Today’s Meal: Broccoli with Creamy Cheese Sauce 🍴

Broccoli with cheese sauce and ground meat. And mashed potato.

Very easy & tasty (it has cheese!) Healthy veggie, use no oil nor RoycoπŸ’ƒ Plus, it’s a match with mashed potato (that can be prepared earlier and saved in fridge #mealprep)

In case you’re wondering, I used the triplets broccoli for this meal (2 portion) haha

And i just get back from grocery store which is Borma Dago Bandung and found these Chitato “Fried Crab Golden Egg Yolk” and Chitato “Mango Sticky Rice.

They cost Rp7.300. There should be the Beef Rendang flavor as well. I think the Chitato beef rendang flavor was sold out because there’s only the pricetag 😞. Most likely will buy the “Beef Rendang” flavor if it’s available, I heard the review is good LOL.

And no, I did not buy the two flavors available. So, I cannot give any review. Instead, I stick to my safe option: Lays, which I currently eat while typing this #multitasking πŸ’»

Thursday Meal: Fried Noodle

I forgot to post it yesterday, so today would do. LOL.

Review: Edible. 🍴🍜

Has better presentation than earlier verson. LOL. #noroycoadded 😎

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