TBT: The Journal

Ah.. almost 2 weeks from my last post about the smoked beef. And today, here I am writing about my old blog.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Proudduck by Vivy Yusof, looking at her archive, wondering how long has she been blogging, when a question popped out of my mind “How long have I been blogging?”. Then, I went to check my oldest blog, still in Blogspot. I still like looking at it. Even though I do not write there anymore, it’s still like a home. A home of my past writings, my old stories. I am glad that I left it in its clean look (design of template) hehe.

There’s one thing that interests my eyes when I checked my old blog. The header. It has the blog name on it “The Journal”. A name I gave because I was (and still) not good at giving names. I chose that name because my life was around “journaling” at that time. Well, writing diary actually. But, “journal” sounds more neutral than “diary”. Plus, I write ALL things in my diary (good & bad things). I don’t want to fill my blog with negative posts. Behind the name, there’s this pink background, I think I made it with some gradient so it looks glowing. Behind the pink background, there’s a picture of Cherry Blossom Trees, in Bonn, Germany to be precise. I am so mesmerized with the view that I make it as one of my wishlists to see it by my eyes (another reason to go to Germany!). Pink trees and white buildings, how could I not love it?

The Header

I even thinking to change my header to this again, since I think it’s more beautiful than my current logo 😛

I also have some thoughts of migrating posts in my old blog here. Because I don’t want to lose any of those stories (just in case…)


And the question: how long have I been blogging? I have checked and my first post was a post on June 29th, 2008. 9 years 1 month of blogging 🙂 Apparently, my blog (all my blogs combined) is one week younger than Vivy Yusof’s Proudduck <3


I might use this tag for this post #throwbackthursday :p

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