Step Up Your Game

Elon described his staff this way: “If you’re at Tesla, you’re choosing to be at the equivalent of Special Forces. There’s the regular army, and that’s fine, but if you are working at Tesla, you’re choosing to step up your game.”

Zero to One – Peter Thiel, pg. 168

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Man & Machine

“Men and machines are good at fundamentally different things. People have intentionality — we form plans and make decisions in complicated situations. We’re less good at making sense of enormous amounts of data. Computers are exactly the opposite: they excel at efficient data processing, but they struggle to make basic judgments that would be simple for any human.”

Zero to One – Peter Thiel

So, human or computer?

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Book: Where’d You Go Bernadette – Maria Semple

This book is a page-turner!

This book is delightful & funny. It brings up many emotions; not only bring my laughter, but also my tears for example when Bee and her father went on trip to Antarctica and then papers for finding Bernadette were flown by strong wind. I also can feel the hatred in Bee to her dad (Elgie Branch) caused by her dad who cheated with another woman. One of many factors of choosing this book is Bee’s Dad work in a big IT company and i think that’s so cool and smart (meaning: charming), but then he cheated 🙁

I love this book because it’s a really heart-touching story about family, especially about mother-daughter. The story also unpredictable like the fact that Manjula is some-mafia disguising as a remote personal assistant.

Bee is such a lovely, sweet, and smart girl. Her Mom, Bernadette is a genius architect who has trauma that changed her life since they moved to Seattle. At the end, Bernadette proves that she can rise up again. Her Dad, Elgie Branch is an IT rock star. <3

Plus, it has a nice cover design (love the blue background!)

rating: 5 stars of 5 🙂

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Review “An Abundance of Katherine” by John Green

An Abundance of Katherine - Tentang KatherineAn Abundance of Katherine – Tentang Katherine by John Green

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Reasons why i read this book:

1. Reading from the synopsis on its back, it has uncommon theme. Yes, it is about romance, but not the cheesy one since it has some mathematical curves and equations.
2. It has nice design cover. The yellow, green, blue and the purple color of the sketch are match to each other

When finished the book, i was disappointed. I expected more stories about the 19 Katherines.

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