Monday Travel After A Long Weekend

Some things are predictable.

Like this Monday morning, all travel providers (to Bandung) in my city for morning travel are most likely to be full-booked. Long weekend, more people go home. Tickets are selling fast. With that prediction, we need to book our seat earlier than usual or we won’t get a seat in a desirable schedule. 
If you know you need to go to Bandung from my city, Bekasi, for work and arrive there before 10 a.m., then travel schedule after 6 a.m. won’t work. Knowing that, I can book a seat in last Monday when other people have not made their booking yet.

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Hi all, how’s your Monday?

I really want to write but it’s already my bedtime and I have work tomorrow and I need to get good amount of sleep. So, yeah, I do hope I can make time tomorrow to write one or two things.

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Lesson Learned: Write

Why did I have so much in my mind?


Why did I get angry easily these days? (i.e. angry to Angkot drivers who dropped me off before I reached my office because they wanted to change their route and I was the only passenger)


Where did my money go?


Those were questions that I just started to realize this week. And I needed to solve them as soon as possible. Fortunately, I always know that writing in my private journal can provide help for me. I spent some time at night to write them out. And I realized my mistake: I did not write.


I did not write my private journal. That’s why I had so much in my mind because I kept them only in my mind. I kept not only about things in my minds, but also my emotions which I had to let out :p


I did not write my financial journal. Well, I have written my financial journal since January this year, but I did not make the report (for myself), did not pay attention to my budget, and did not write every purchase I made. I thought with just writing down big purchases, it would be ok, while, in fact, that is not OK because I also made many small purchases which if accumulated will be as significant as the big purchases. In short, I did not appreciate my money. Then, I made some refinements on how I manage my money. Started from August, I write my financial journal more carefully. I even make the report with a graph in it. And it feels so good to see the graph does not go downward in a steep line haha. 😀

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Logo: MJ – Beauty Product

I tried to join a design contest in 99designs some weeks ago. The contest brief was this:

Name to incorporate in the logo


Description of the organization and its target audience

Target audience: mostly females,
Product: beauty product (exfoliating wash cloth and bath bombs for now) I would like a design I can use for various beauty products


Cosmetics & Beauty


Based on the brief, I created two logos:


I didn’t win this contest, but I got 3 stars for each design. I think it’s a good start haha.


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Time & Energy

“Please write something so this domain won’t be useless”  – note to myself.

HAHA. What should I write?


Actually, there’re many things going on in my mind, but I don’t know how to write them. Like this morning, how I envy my brother who has done something for years which is playing games. I envy his consistency. What things that I have done for more than 5 or maybe 3 years? hmm… sadly, it’s hard to answer that question 🙁 Well, this blogging thing is one thing that I enjoy for a long time (more than 5 years) but now my post number is decreasing each month. And swimming also an activity that I enjoy for years. But again, I do not do those two things as often as before because I have work etc etc.


Sigh! I know that’s such an excuse! this all because I do not manage my time and energy well. This week, I planned to go swimming today, but yeah since I just arrived from Bekasi yesterday morning and then I felt so tired and I woke up late and I still had things to do and that’s how I canceled my swimming plan 🙁


I hope I have more time and energy to do things I love (Wow this remind me with the “2016 Annual Letter” on Bill Gates’ blog ). I also do hope I have more things that I’d love to do for the next 5, 10 years and so on.

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