Foods & The City: Mom’s Bakery & Madam Potato

“White tall building in Bandung and the greeneries~” 

Mom’s Bakery

If you go to Bandung and looking for food that’s guilt-free, very tasty, and healthy you should try Mom’s Bakery ( Besides the delicious cake, pastry, bread, they also serve salads, omelet, sandwiches, smoothie bowls.

My favorite is the sandwich. The concept here is we can choose what bread, fillings, and sauces we want. In the sandwich picture above, I choose croissant for the bread, smoked beef for the protein, and homemade barbeque sauce. For a smoked beef sandwich, it costs me Rp45.000. They also have vegetarian options for the sandwich (falafel sandwich, tempeh/tofu sandwich)  

Recommendation time to visit: In the morning around 8-9 AM. Why? Because at this time you can smell the bread being baked…. and it’s soooooo goooood! Isn’t it delightful having a nice breakfast accompanied with the smell of bread being baked? 🙂

Madam Potato

I bought this potato snack because I like french fries and it has cheese sauce (and seaweed sauce). It cost me Rp30.000 for a portion. A unique thing about this potato snack is it’s very long, probably 25-30 cm each. The portion is quite large, probably for 2 or 3 people. Crispy outside, soft inside. Taste good and worth the price. 

I think that’s all for now, see you in the next post!

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Juicing: Kale & Banana

Juicing becomes one of easy ways for me to fulfill my nutrients need (especially from green veggies). Just clean and chop the vegs and fruits, put it in blender, add some water, and blend all of them.

These past weeks I made Kale and Banana juice for my morning drink. Here’s how I made the Kale and Banana juice.


  1. Kale : I use 5 stalks of it (or a handfull of Kale leaves) I buy the Kale from Yogya Supermarket Riau Junction. I buy the Croponics brand and it costs me only 20 or 25 thousand rupiahs for a pack which is cheaper than other brands (which can cost 30 or 40 thousand rupiahs). I can use a pack for 4 to 5 servings of kale juice.
  2. Banana : I use one or two banana depends on its size. I freeze the cut bananas to keep it from rotting. This also help makin the juice cold without ice cube. Banana also give a nice sweetness to the juice.
  3. Water : 250 ml or more, you can adjust this to your liking.

How to make:

  1. Put all ingredients into the blender
  2. Turn on the blender until the desired texture. You can add more water if you want.
  3. Enjoy the juice. Easy peasy ✌

That’s all, see you on the next post 😁

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Kedai Kita Bogor

Mie Hotplate Ceker Saus Padang. Di belakangnya ada Mie Hotplate Daging Sapi Lada Hitam. Harganya sekitar 30-40 ribu.

Pizza kayu bakar dengan topping smoked beef. Harganya sekitar 80 ribu.

Makanannya enak-enak (enak banget, bukan yang B aja). Cocok buat tempat makan keluarga. Banyak menu lainnya juga.

images taken by ibu ❤

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Recreate Adobe XD Tutorial “Food Ordering App”

burger app

Earlier this week I watched Adobe MAX Sneak Peeks and it’s super cool! (make me want to work there!) Then I stumbled upon this Adobe XD tutorial because the title has “food” word :p

I found the tutorial interesting. It tells about the new interaction function in Adobe XD: the auto-animate, the drag function, and voice command. In this prototype I made, I only made the build the burger part (did not make the voice command part) because of the time limitation at the time.

The Burger App

Here are the screens I made:


  1. Burger vector:
  2. Icons:

Here’s the video of the prototype

Trial & Error

While working on this design, I faced some problems which now has been solved haha (otherwise, I won’t make this post). Here are some problems I faced, hopefully, it would help anyone that needs it

Q: Why can’t I drag and drop my Ai file to XD?

A: It because the drag function can only be done in Mac while I’m using Windows. Unfortunately, I cannot import Ai file (I don’t know why). I could make it works by converting the file into SVG and drag to Adobe XD windows.


Q: Why the Auto-animate does not work?

The burger supposed to expand when I clicked “Build It” button, but it did not expand (only usual page transition)

A: It happened because I used different names for the burger object in screen 1 and 2. After I edited the object/group name, the auto-animate worked.

Q: Why can’t I drag the cucumber to the right? Why it’s only provide drag left?

A: It’s because I deleted the “cucumber” object in screen 3. I did not set the final position for the draggable object. Apparently, due to that the Adobe XD could not decide which direction the drag should be. Don’t delete it, do this instead:

  1. Group all the burger ingredients, maybe name it to “burger” group. So that the draggable element or “the cucumber” is still part of the screen, not the pasteboard.
  2. Move “the cucumber” to the outside right of the screen (make sure it’s still in “burger” group)

If you want to try..

Below is the link of my Adobe XD file:

For shared – Google Drive

No Description

I do not own the idea, the vector, and icons (I mentioned where you could download them above)

If you have any question, feel free to write in comment section, thanks 🙂

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Take Care of Our Mental Health

So yesterday was World Mental Health Day. That explained the many posts about this topic these days. Here are my favorites

From kak Affi (Female Daily)

Thank you ka Affi for the words. I’m doing that, the “taking temporary break”, more like shifting my center of life actually. I need some breaks for the shifting and still progressing..

And this quote

Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can

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Walk to Work

My 2nd time walking to work. Today with mba Ika and Nanda. I took a walk not because the public transportation (angkot) is not operating (because my dad thought so), but for exercising 💪💪

A great thing of working in Bandung, I can walk to work in cool weather and see the greeneries 🌳

Not bad haha

Hopefully we keep consistent doing this walk to work~

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Hello again hahaha it’s been so long. Sorry I have been busy with the wedding preparation (and tried as much to keep the wedding news secret until near the day) Phew~ I have been wanting to write (the draft) so much about the wedding preparation since long. However, that may have to wait because I have not made any draft hahahahaha.

If you know me and have questions about wedding preparation, feel free to ask me through Whatsapp (since some of my friends already did) :p

Today I want to write about today or maybe the last 24 hours or maybe about career. LOL.

I feel great today despite only getting 2 hours of sleep zzzz. Why? Because yesterday night, until 4 a.m. today I did a UX task which I have not done for some months (calm, let’s not cry, there’s a story behind this). If you know me well or know how my sleep habit was in boarding school, you know how I cannot stay awake all night. Last night I made it! I didn’t sleep until 4 a.m. working on the presentation, no music, no tv. The task I did yesterday, it’s like a wake-up call of what should I do as my profession :p

I feel like that kind of work is the kind that I want to put my heart into it… well, I did try to love what I do… and that’s a different feeling.. with the last night task, it feels easier to put my heart into my work (whatever the result is)

Perhaps doing things-that-I-want-to-put-my-heart-into give me more energy instead of making me tired. 

Well, I still need to sleep tho.. but, I feel in a great mood today because of the work. I hope I can experience more of this kind of feeling in the future days~ 

Praise be to Allah 🙂

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