This morning I swam at Saraga. I arrived at the pool at 8. Based on my plan, I was late, but I still went because I really need exercise 😳 I hope next week I am not late because if I went late, the angkot (public transport) will be very crowd and i don’t like […]

Masuk Kerja Jam 10

Bertambah lagi alasan memilih masuk kerja pukul 10.00 pagi: kalau masuk jam 09.00 berarti berangkat jam 8-an dan jam segitu merupakan jam di mana angkot ramai dengan penumpang. Terasa bedanya dengan berangkat di atas jam 9, penumpangnya jarang sampai 6 orang 😂

Why I Write Blog

Today, a friend gave me this nice article about building habits and one of fundamental habits is writing. Before reading the article I already had planned to write more since I had felt how hard it is to explain something to other person when I did not write as many as usual. This is a paragraph […]

Delightful UX & Restaurant

I read this article from Nielsen Norman Group, titled “Everything I Needed to Know About Good User Experience I Learned While Working in Restaurants“. I can say that this article is really good because it give me new perception about delightful experience. The article also inspires me to enrich my experience through Cerita Makan Emil […]

Affective Forecasting

Affective forecasting is the process of predicting how future events will influence emotional well-being. People often use affective forecasting when making decisions. For example, people make choices about who to marry, where to live, and what to buy based on their affective forecasts about what will bring happiness. Unfortunately, affective forecasting is prone to error, […]