Ramadhan Motivation

This afternoon, while waiting for breakfasting at office, i checked my Instagram. I saw ig stories and saw this:

This is ig story of Vivy Yusof. She’s founder of Fashion Valet. I have followed her instagram and read her blog (proudduck.com) for months. I like her blog! Haha 

As an enterpreneur of course she’s very busy, but she could finish/khatam The Qur’an. Then i reflected on myself: why can’t i make more time to read Qur’an, why am i still lazy 😶 She must busier than me, but she finished the Qur’an. 
I. Must. 

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Masak Untuk Sahur

Kemajuan bulan puasa tahun ini adalah berhasil masak untuk sahur. Tahun sebelumnya cukup mengandalkan sereal dan susu, makanan yang bisa siap dalam waktu 5 menit haha. Tahun ini seringnya malah masak (apakah ini ciri-ciri kehidupan orang dewasa? 😂), entah itu goreng frozen food atau manasin makanan. Padahal kalau mau masak mesti bangun lebih awal, masaknya sendiri bisa 20-30 menitan (bahan-bahan bisa disiapin di malam sebelumnya haha). Sekaliali makan pakai sereal atau granola, biasanya kalau lagi ngantuk banget buat bangun sahur haha. Btw, kalau buat saya granola + susu kurang pas buat sahur karena harus dikunyah. Rasanya lebih enak dari sereal sih, tapi kalau buat dimakan pas ngantuk lebih cepet beres makan sereal haha effort ngunyahnya ga terlalu besar 😁
Sekian random post dari saya. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung 😆

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After Work

Hi guys, how’s your day?

Mine? I have a nice day, Alhamdulillah. My mood feels light. I just had bath and exfoliated my skin with recently bought wash off mask (it’s like strawberry jam btw). I arrived at kostan before Maghrib, prayed Isya & Taraweh before 8 p.m. I had an easy-but-tasty dinner and watched modern family. Well, i must learn the recipe from my mom! Haha

Here’s pic of the food haha #iamasian

Ok that’s all. Yes, another random post. I just want to write it down so someday when i need to light up my mood, i can read this 😁 and because i am waiting my mask to be able to washed off 💆

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Being Adult Is…

Being adult is knowing when it’s time to go home and sleep, not because mom says so, but for the sake of embracing new day. If i start to sleep after 10 p.m., I will wake up late which cause rush for my day. Or I will wake up on time but not feeling much refreshed which can decrease my performance for the day.


Well, that may explains why i don’t go out often on weekday nights anymore, even Friday night haha except for some important meetings with friends (which is a rare event considering most of my friends are already left Bandung, and my workmate, well, we meet everyday) and my dear E, of course.


I think most of my energy is spent at work nowadays haha. Yeah, work is not like college, cannot go to cafe or mall when bored at midday or afternoon. At least, i don’t have any work tasks on weekend and no exam :p Even, I don’t really like going on weekends since places will be very full of people and traffic jam haha. If i need to go on weekends, i will choose to go as early as possible. Early birds get the worms~

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A Pink Tote Bag At Kimso

I finally went out today at half past one, it was not so hot, there were some clouds​, so i decided to go. First destination was the traditional market. I bought unsalted butter, colorful sprinkle, and plastic cup (the small one for choco ball). But i forgot to buy the oranges. But it’s ok i could buy it in the supermarket later (yes, i went to supermarket to buy certain things such as thick yoghurt and tortillas). 

I also went to BIP (a mall, just in case some of you aren’t Bandung citizen hehe). I went to visit Kimso, a korean shop. It sells cute things from korea like cute mirror, clock, purses, bags, pillows, storage boxes, umbrellas, etc). Then I bought a tote bag, after listed all the reasons in my head why i need to buy the bag, like:

  1. It’s rather cheap
  2. It has my color. Yes, i bought the pink one
  3. It’s from thick material 
  4. I can use it to bring my swimming stuffs (the suit, googgle, bath stuff) since my old tote bag is already in bad condition
  5. It has zipper! Yeah,  I don’t know how people can feel safe with their no-zipper-tote-bag 😐
  6. It’s hard to find such bag with all the above qualifications. LOL.

Well, the list was to prevent impulsive buying. Anyway, they have other colors, too, there’re yellow, grey, and sky blue. Here’s the picture

The picture on the bag is acceptable for me. But, if you don’t like the picture on the bag you can use the back side, it’s plain haha. I’m looking for it’s functionality after all 😳

And now it’s raining again~ See you later, fellas, i need to make food for dinner, thank you for reading my random post 😳

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Weekend Random Post

Hi guys, back again with me. Happy weekend, btw

I planned to write some posts, already made the drafts, but yeah not finished yet. It was some weeks ago that i felt the urge of writing. My mind was like full of things and i needed to sort them by writing them out. So, here i am trying to write about anything to just start writing again. Hfft.

I really want to go out today to buy some groceries: orange to make orange juice 🍊 and butter to make some snacks, also some ingredients like tortilla or rice paper to make healthy sahur (pre-dawn meal), but it’s so hot out there haha i’m waiting for it to get a little warm 🌞 

I don’t understand the weather nowadays, sometimes it rains and very cold & windy for a day, the next day is so hot. However, after all we should feel grateful of the weather, at least this hot weather can make my clothes dry faster. LOL.
Ok, time to pray zuhur. Hope you all have a nice day, don’t forget to pray & read Qur’an 😁

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Anak TK Request ke Radio

Pemandangan dari tempat duduk, travelnya pakai tinted window.
Denger radio di mobil travel. Yang request anak TK B. Yang di-request “Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed”. Lalu lagunya diputar. 😱

Requestnya lewat telepon, btw.
Zaman TK dulu saya ngapain ya 😐
Have a nice day, readers and don’t forget to embrace the day 💐

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Easy Sunday

This weekend task list:

  1. Create manual for web development ✔
  2. Clean up my room ✔
  3. Recap my financial in google sheet ✔
  4. Grocery shopping ✔

    And now what should i do next? 

    I am thinking of light activities like watching youtube, reading novel, browsing with my phone and not going outside since it’s kinda hot outside and traffic jam and i feel like i had meet many people this week, so i need to charge my introvert energy 😜😜

    With the tasks already checked, weekend feels light~

    Anyway, here’s a photo of two flower stuffs i wore (I tried to do experiment with these flower stuffs). I know its unrelated, but I just want to post this 😝 Flowers always nice and make people who look at it feel happy (IMO) 🌼🌻🌼

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