Being Adult Is…

Being adult is knowing when it’s time to go home and sleep, not because mom says so, but for the sake of embracing new day. If i start to sleep after 10 p.m., I will wake up late which cause rush for my day. Or I will wake up on time but not feeling much […]

A Pink Tote Bag At Kimso

I finally went out today at half past one, it was not so hot, there were some clouds​, so i decided to go. First destination was the traditional market. I bought unsalted butter, colorful sprinkle, and plastic cup (the small one for choco ball). But i forgot to buy the oranges. But it’s ok i […]

Weekend Random Post

Hi guys, back again with me. Happy weekend, btw I planned to write some posts, already made the drafts, but yeah not finished yet. It was some weeks ago that i felt the urge of writing. My mind was like full of things and i needed to sort them by writing them out. So, here […]

Anak TK Request ke Radio

Pemandangan dari tempat duduk, travelnya pakai tinted window. Denger radio di mobil travel. Yang request anak TK B. Yang di-request “Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed”. Lalu lagunya diputar. 😱 Requestnya lewat telepon, btw. Zaman TK dulu saya ngapain ya 😐 Have a nice day, readers and don’t forget to embrace the day 💐

Easy Sunday

This weekend task list: Create manual for web development ✔ Clean up my room ✔ Recap my financial in google sheet ✔ Grocery shopping ✔ And now what should i do next?  I am thinking of light activities like watching youtube, reading novel, browsing with my phone and not going outside since it’s kinda hot […]

What I Did On This Quick Holiday

 be with all members of family  eat batagor riri  eat mango from our tree  watch the catch eps 8 & 9 😍  read comics  eat banana chips  go to traditional market with mom  buy lot of veggies!! i think i don’t need to eat out for one week with these many food supplies from mom […]

Color Palette: Pink

Hello all, If you have known me enough or seen me almost everyday, you might have realized that i often wear something pink, almost nude pink scarf, pink wallet or pouch haha. Other than pink, you can find me wearing soft color like very light gray or light cream 😝 I rarely wear blue (except […]