Hi all, how’s your Monday? I really want to write but it’s already my bedtime and I have work tomorrow and I need to get good amount of sleep. So, yeah, I do hope I can make time tomorrow to write one or two things.

Lesson Learned: Write

Why did I have so much in my mind?   Why did I get angry easily these days? (i.e. angry to Angkot drivers who dropped me off before I reached my office because they wanted to change their route and I was the only passenger)   Where did my money go?   Those were questions that […]

Time & Energy

“Please write something so this domain won’t be useless”  – note to myself. HAHA. What should I write?   Actually, there’re many things going on in my mind, but I don’t know how to write them. Like this morning, how I envy my brother who has done something for years which is playing games. I envy […]

Twitter: Mute

Today, at lunch break, I opened twitter. I read some tweets. Not long after that, I closed the app. Twitter before that moment is a place with interesting, positive news and I can spend some minutes reading it. I did not remember which tweet or whose tweet that made me decide to close the app, what […]

Ingin Nulis, Tapi..

Ingin nulis kejadian sore ini, tapi takut ada orang baca terus dikira ini ungkapan kebencian 😌 masih belum riset lagi sih apa aja yang termasuk ungkapan tersebut atau bukan (PR!)  Akhirnya nulis di jurnal pribadi wkwkwk terus pas ka Emil baca, diketawain 😂 Bonus foto: senja di Jakarta, nunggu bis ga dateng-dateng (ah sudah tidak […]

Overtime Pertama

Siang hari ini, tiba-tiba ingin pizza 🍕 sekilas aja pengen, entah kenapa. Ternyata pas sore dikasih tau mesti overtime (lembur) buat bantuin ngerjain. Dan buat makannya, pesan pizza wkwk.  Pengalaman pertama overtime, Alhamdulillah, overtime-nya bareng-bareng. Alhamdulillah, ada yg bisa nganter pulan ke kosan 😁.  Yang anehnya saya ga ngerasa pressure yang gimana (mungkin karena saya […]