Book: Crazy Rich Asians

I had finished this book last week. When the book first out, I did not have much interest. It’s after I saw people around me read the book, I had interest to read. The book’s very entertaining, a page-turner for me haha. Currently, I’m reading the second book: China Rich Girlfriend. As for the Crazy Rich Asian movie: can’t wait!

Lesson learned from this book:

  1. People can be crazy-rich (means very very rich) and are not boasting about it.
  2. To live below your means.
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Done Is Better Than Perfect

​”Another one of my favorite posters at Facebook declares in big red letters, β€œDone is better than perfect.” I have tried to embrace this motto and let go of unattainable standards. Aiming for perfection causes frustration at best and paralysis at worst.”

From Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

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