Social Media.. Hmm?

I personally think that social media is not as fun/interesting as it used to be. I don’t know why. Maybe because some of my friends are not using it any more? There’re less interactions with my friends there than before. We are really becoming adults, aren’t we? Hahaha

Due to that, I don’t think i’ll check up on my social media often and will be more into writing blogs. To all my friends who read this, let’s write blog, too, so I can read your meaningful stories (or random stories is okay haha) rather than stare at social media (which is not interested anymore for me) hahaha
See you on the next post! Have a good weekend! 😁

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  1. postingan arum akhir2 ini banyak becoming adult 🙂

    1. Karena terasa banget bedanya dari pas masih kuliah 😂

  2. Me too ruuuum, tapi nulis blog juga belum kesampean malah nulis diary wkwkwk /keep it by myself/

    1. Wkwk aku jg mulai nulis diary lagi setelah sekian lama 😂 kalau ngga bisa penuh pikirannya :))

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