Easy Sunday

This weekend task list:

  1. Create manual for web development ✔
  2. Clean up my room ✔
  3. Recap my financial in google sheet ✔
  4. Grocery shopping ✔

    And now what should i do next? 

    I am thinking of light activities like watching youtube, reading novel, browsing with my phone and not going outside since it’s kinda hot outside and traffic jam and i feel like i had meet many people this week, so i need to charge my introvert energy 😜😜

    With the tasks already checked, weekend feels light~

    Anyway, here’s a photo of two flower stuffs i wore (I tried to do experiment with these flower stuffs). I know its unrelated, but I just want to post this 😝 Flowers always nice and make people who look at it feel happy (IMO) 🌼🌻🌼

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    Tell me what you think~