Introduction: The Writer & The Blog


So, after some posts, i am just going to do the introduction now. Well, maybe a little introduction about me and more about this blog.

My name is Arum. I am an IT student who love art and design. Some friends ever asked my “Why didn’t you take art major in college?” Well, the answer is because i am not brave enough to take the art major. Even though i am not taking art major, i feels happy and grateful of what i am doing now. There might be some tears through some semesters, but after all, everything is fine and great things also happens 🙂 My dream is to become an expert in user-experience/human-computer interaction.

About this blog, this is my 2nd blog that i take seriously. Why have 2 blogs? My first blog started since i was in junior high school and i still write there. But then my thought of having an online portfolio hit me and bring me to WordPress where i found this white, elegant, & nice portfolio template. Then I started to think about moving my personal blog here which is kinda hard since i had spent much of my time with my first blog (i have more than 300 posts there since 2008. Can’t believe myself!).

Moving my blog here was like taking a whole new step, starting a brand new & fresh page which i hope to be better than the before. As this blog has new environment for me, i expect that my kind of writing will be different than my other blog. If you had read my posts on my first blog, you might feel the difference (hope it’s a good difference). I also intended this blog to learn writing in routines, especially in English, so if i made mistakes in writing, pardon my grammar hehe.

Okay, i think that’s all i can write for introduction. Thank you for reading :))

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    1. Yaampun mas Ikhwan, postingan 2015 banget yg dikomen. Jadi maloe 😱 terima kasih sudah berkunjung hoho

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