Last month, I turned 21. Just like the year before, no celebration since i am not into birthday parties and surprises (because i would most likely know if i will be surprised :p ).

I was feeling happier that day (I called it ‘my-day’ means i could do anything i want) and so grateful surrounded by my best friends. What’s funny from this year birthday was i received some unique gifts which is 21 roses and a NCIS subtitle (yep, th 64KB SRT file). I also got surprise from Gycen Bandung Ceria the day after (for this one, the surprise worked! 😀 )


I got these beautiful roses from my friends in PSDM. Why roses? because next day of my birthday was day of graduation, so there was many flower seller around campus, and they just bought 21 roses for me. 21 of the same kind of flower to make me look like a flower seller on the graduation day hehe *just kidding* I kept the flowers in my room, put it in a glass of water, wondered how long it would live and i was surprised that those could live up to one week! (then everybody would know i have not received flower before… -_- )

And these two are photos from Gycen Bandung Ceria gathering. Nice to spend time with you guys 😀

IMG-20150328-WA0014 IMG-20150328-WA0018

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