One Year Later…

It’s been a year and some weeks after my graduation. It’s almost one year working full-time at my current office. It’s almost the new year again. I thought life with no mid-test, no homework, no programming tasks, no 7 a.m. class will be easier. No, it was not since there are more challenges, of course. Even […]

Cognitive Designer – Don Norman

I want to write about UX and this is just baby steps. I hope I can get better in writing. For now, it just several points about the video I watched yesterday. It’s nice and concise 🙂     Several points from this video: Cognitive designer is a new kind of designer that includes all […]

Quick Catch Up

Hi All, how’s your day? Finally, I have time to write again here :”) I do have many things to write, things that cross my minds, but life has been fast-paced these days. Things happened and I had to work on those things (not wanting to be ungrateful, I won’t tell what the things are […]