Juicing: Kale & Banana

Juicing becomes one of easy ways for me to fulfill my nutrients need (especially from green veggies). Just clean and chop the vegs and fruits, put it in blender, add some water, and blend all of them. These past weeks I made Kale and Banana juice for my morning drink. Here’s how I made the […]

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Kedai Kita Bogor

Mie Hotplate Ceker Saus Padang. Di belakangnya ada Mie Hotplate Daging Sapi Lada Hitam. Harganya sekitar 30-40 ribu. Pizza kayu bakar dengan topping smoked beef. Harganya sekitar 80 ribu. Makanannya enak-enak (enak banget, bukan yang B aja). Cocok buat tempat makan keluarga. Banyak menu lainnya juga. images taken by ibu ❤

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Recreate Adobe XD Tutorial “Food Ordering App”

burger app

Earlier this week I watched Adobe MAX Sneak Peeks and it’s super cool! (make me want to work there!) Then I stumbled upon this Adobe XD tutorial because the title has “food” word :p I found the tutorial interesting. It tells about the new interaction function in Adobe XD: the auto-animate, the drag function, and […]

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Take Care of Our Mental Health

So yesterday was World Mental Health Day. That explained the many posts about this topic these days. Here are my favorites From kak Affi (Female Daily) Thank you ka Affi for the words. I’m doing that, the “taking temporary break”, more like shifting my center of life actually. I need some breaks for the shifting […]

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Walk to Work

My 2nd time walking to work. Today with mba Ika and Nanda. I took a walk not because the public transportation (angkot) is not operating (because my dad thought so), but for exercising 💪💪 A great thing of working in Bandung, I can walk to work in cool weather and see the greeneries 🌳 Not […]

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Hello again hahaha it’s been so long. Sorry I have been busy with the wedding preparation (and tried as much to keep the wedding news secret until near the day) Phew~ I have been wanting to write (the draft) so much about the wedding preparation since long. However, that may have to wait because I […]

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